Government Backs H2 Green Steel with €1.2B Guarantee

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Sweden's National Debt Office grants a €1.2 billion loan guarantee to H2 Green Steel, aiding the construction of a Boden plant. The company aims to produce 95% less carbon-emitting "green" steel, aligning with climate goals. The guarantee, covering 80% of the loan, supports the initiative to start operations by 2025, targeting an annual production capacity of 2.5 million metric tons, with plans to reach 5 million tons by 2030.


H2 Green Steel, a pioneering venture in sustainable steel production, secures a significant boost from Sweden's National Debt Office with a €1.2 billion loan guarantee. This substantial support aims to facilitate the construction of the company's Boden plant, a pivotal step towards realizing its vision of producing environmentally friendly steel.

The assurance of a €1.2 billion green loan guarantee (equivalent to SEK 13 billion) represents a strategic investment in H2 Green Steel's ambitious endeavor. The allocated funds are earmarked for the establishment of the Boden plant, slated to emerge as a beacon of sustainable steel production in northern Sweden.

The decision by Sweden's debt management to back H2 Green Steel underscores the company's commitment to revolutionizing steel production techniques. Their proposed approach promises to generate "green" steel with a remarkable 95% reduction in carbon emissions compared to conventional blast furnace methods. This emphasis on eco-friendly manufacturing aligns harmoniously with global climate goals, representing a significant stride towards environmental sustainability.

The loan guarantee is structured to cover 80% of the total loan amount, administered in alignment with prevailing market conditions. The backing by multiple banks and credit institutions signifies a collective effort to support and propel the vision of eco-conscious steel production pioneered by H2 Green Steel.

Anticipated to commence operations before the end of 2025, the Boden plant aims to initiate with an annual production capacity of 2.5 million metric tons of "green" steel. Subsequently, commercial volumes are projected to escalate in 2026, with ambitious plans to achieve an annual production milestone of 5 million metric tons by 2030.

The strategic partnership between the National Debt Office and H2 Green Steel illustrates a concerted effort to foster innovation and sustainability within the steel industry. This collaboration signifies a milestone in the pursuit of eco-friendly steel production, marking a significant leap towards achieving global climate objectives.

The loan guarantee's endorsement underscores a pivotal moment in shaping the future of steel production, championing sustainability, and aligning with Sweden's commitment to fostering a greener industrial landscape.


The backing of H2 Green Steel by Sweden's National Debt Office through a substantial loan guarantee exemplifies a robust commitment towards fostering a sustainable future in steel production. This strategic investment marks a significant step in the journey towards producing environmentally friendly steel, contributing significantly to global climate objectives.

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