Green Alchemy: Boston Metal's $282M Symphony for Sustainable Steel

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In a funding crescendo, Boston Metal orchestrates a $20 million Series C2 investment from Marunouchi Innovation Partners, elevating its total series funding to $282 million. The capital will fortify Boston Metal's position in Asia, spearheading innovations in metals production, particularly green steel. The funding, crucial for commercialization and talent acquisition, propels the company towards its 2026 goal of revolutionizing steel production with breakthrough green technology, aligning with the industry's 2050 zero-carbon aspirations.


Boston Metal, a trailblazer in global metals technology, unveils a $20 million Series C2 investment from Marunouchi Innovation Partners, amplifying the symphony of funds supporting its groundbreaking initiatives. With this strategic infusion, Boston Metal aims to deepen its roots in Asia, a region contributing over 70% of global steel production.

The orchestration doesn't end there. This capital infusion acts as a catalyst for Boston Metal's march towards commercialization, crucial for executing their ambitious plans in the metals arena. Tadeu Carneiro, the CEO of Boston Metal, expressed confidence in the face of market challenges, highlighting the persistent increase in the company's valuation and its ability to secure backing from top-tier investors.

Buoyed by the momentum from its previous Series C1 funding, Boston Metal is accelerating its mission to deliver green steel technology by 2026, aligning with the steel industry's target of achieving zero-carbon emissions by 2050. The company envisions revenue generation from its high-value metals business as early as 2024, a testament to its commitment to sustainability and innovation in metals production.

Marunouchi Innovation Partners, the Tokyo-based investor, recognizes the pivotal role of sustainable practices in metal production. Ichiro Miyoshi, CEO of Marunouchi Innovation Partners, underscores their belief in Boston Metal's technology as an innovative, long-term solution for commercial green steel production.

Boston Metal's Molten Oxide Electrolysis (MOE) technology emerges as a linchpin in the green steel movement. A direct, one-step process, MOE produces high-quality steel from abundant medium- and low-grade iron ores. Its unique flexibility positions MOE to cater to the surging demand for environmentally sustainable steel in various industries. Moreover, MOE serves as a platform technology, unlocking the potential to extract high-value metals from previously discarded low-concentration materials like mining waste.

This funding triumph follows Boston Metal's recent accolade from the U.S. Department of Energy, choosing the company to establish a chromium metal manufacturing plant in Weirton, West Virginia. This strategic move aligns with the goal of onshoring the production of a material crucial to aerospace, chemical processing, and nuclear industries.


In the grand finale of this funding symphony, Boston Metal emerges as a virtuoso in sustainable steel innovation. The $20 million Series C2 investment, orchestrated by Marunouchi Innovation Partners, elevates Boston Metal's total series funding to an impressive $282 million. This financial crescendo propels the company towards its vision of revolutionizing the metals industry, particularly steel production, with breakthrough green technology. As Boston Metal conducts its journey towards commercialization, the world watches a pivotal player shaping the future of sustainable metal production.

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