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Green Ambitions: BENTELER's CliMore Revolution


BENTELER has launched a new brand called CliMore to offer sustainable steel products. This brand aims to significantly reduce CO₂ emissions by using recycled materials and green energy. Products under the CliMore label are sorted into three categories to help consumers understand their environmental impact.


BENTELER is stepping up its sustainability game with the introduction of CliMore. This new brand consolidates their CO₂-reduced steel and steel tube products into a single, user-friendly label. Ralph Mathis, the Chief Sales Officer of BENTELER Steel/Tube, says that the name CliMore combines "climate" and "more," highlighting the company's commitment to both sustainability and quality.

To help consumers understand their choices, CliMore products will come in three sustainability categories. These categories indicate how the steel and tubes were produced and what kinds of energy sources were used. This transparent approach aims to help consumers make better-informed decisions about the sustainability of their purchases.

CliMore isn't just an internal rebranding; it's already catching the attention of well-known manufacturers in both the industrial and automotive sectors. This early adoption signals that BENTELER is moving in the right direction with its sustainability initiatives.

The CliMore brand includes three different levels: Advantage, Ambition, and Excellence. All levels use low-emission steel produced from scrap via the electric arc furnace method. This alone can save up to 75% of CO₂ emissions compared to traditional blast furnace methods. The Ambition level goes a step further by utilizing green electricity, while the Excellence level, planned for future release, will incorporate electrification and green hydrogen.

BENTELER is already known for its high-quality tubes used in renewable energy solutions like wind and solar power plants, as well as in electric vehicles. The introduction of CliMore is another step towards their broader Green Tubes Strategy, aiming for complete decarbonization by 2030.

The company is not only targeting zero direct and indirect emissions (Scope 1 & 2) by 2030 but also aims to reduce other upstream emissions (Scope 3) by 30% in the same timeframe. Their ultimate goal is to achieve complete climate neutrality by 2045.


With the introduction of CliMore, BENTELER is taking a concrete step towards greater sustainability. By offering a range of products with varying levels of environmental impact, the company is empowering consumers to make eco-friendly choices, while also moving the entire industry towards a greener future.

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