Green Horizon: ArcelorMittal & EWE Forge Hydrogen Partnership

ArcelorMittal Bremen
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ArcelorMittal Bremen and EWE join forces to propel the region towards climate neutrality, unveiling plans for large-scale green hydrogen supply. Building on their earlier venture of a 10-megawatt hydrogen plant, the collaboration aims to substantially cut CO2 emissions from steel production. The strategic move envisions a pivotal role for green hydrogen, produced from a 320-megawatt generation plant in Emden, in the journey towards decarbonizing steel production by 2028.


In a significant stride towards environmental sustainability, ArcelorMittal Bremen and EWE have fortified their partnership to spearhead transformative hydrogen projects. Following the groundbreaking for a 10-megawatt hydrogen production plant in Bremen in April 2023, the two entities have now formalized their commitment to supplying substantial amounts of green hydrogen. This strategic alliance underscores their shared vision of markedly reducing carbon emissions stemming from steel production, marking a crucial milestone in Bremen's quest for a fully decarbonized steel industry.

Stefan Dohler, CEO of EWE, emphasizes the vital role of hydrogen in realizing the energy transition, particularly in achieving climate-neutral industrial processes such as steel production. The venture aligns with EWE's holistic approach along the entire hydrogen value chain, from generation to storage, transport, and application in industry and heavy-duty transport.

Frank Hohlweg, COO and Board Member of ArcelorMittal Bremen, highlights the indispensability of green hydrogen in their strategy for future steelmaking, integral to the overarching goal of decarbonizing production. The plan involves equipping blast furnaces with new electric arc furnaces and a direct reduction system, aiming to replace coal with hydrogen as a reducing agent and further curbing CO2 emissions. The utilization of green hydrogen, obtained in ample quantities and at competitive prices, signals a decisive step towards achieving CO2-free hydrogen production.

The initiative takes inspiration from the "Clean Hydrogen Coastline" project, fostering large-scale green hydrogen production for ArcelorMittal Bremen. Stefan Dohler acknowledges this as a significant undertaking, aligning with political imperatives and addressing generation, storage, transport, and industrial usage. The project, submitted for funding under the European IPCEI programme, awaits crucial approval from the EU Commission.


The collaboration between ArcelorMittal Bremen and EWE signifies a robust commitment to hydrogen infrastructure development, advancing the vision of a cleaner, more sustainable industrial landscape. To realize large-scale projects like the "Clean Hydrogen Coastline" and overhaul production technologies, swift EU funding approval and federal subsidies are imperative. These initiatives not only enhance environmental stewardship but also propel Germany and the EU towards long-term energy sustainability.

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