Green Horizon: WA's $400m Leap to Green Steel Excellence

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Green Steel of WA achieves a major milestone by submitting a $400 million development application for Western Australia’s inaugural green steel mill in Collie. The project aims to revolutionize the state's steel industry, generating 450,000 metric tons of green steel annually. Set to finalize investment decisions in Q3 2024 and commence operations by 2026, the mill, powered by renewables, is expected to create 500 construction jobs and 200 long-term positions. With government support, the project signifies a green industrial shift, reducing carbon emissions and establishing Collie as a sustainable manufacturing hub.


Green Steel of WA has marked a historic moment in Western Australia's industrial evolution by formally lodging a $400 million development application for the construction of the state's inaugural green steel recycling mill in Collie. This project represents a significant leap towards establishing a sustainable steel industry in Western Australia.

The ambitious venture is poised to reshape the region's industrial landscape, generating 450,000 metric tons of green steel annually. The project is on track for a final investment decision in the third quarter of 2024, with operations scheduled to commence in 2026.

Situated near the town of Collie, the green steel mill project is a key component of the newly established Coolangatta Special Industrial Area, anticipated to become a prominent green manufacturing hub. The initiative has garnered strong support from local and state governments, signifying a commitment to a Just Transition for Collie.

During the construction phase, the project is expected to create 500 jobs, with 200 highly skilled, long-term positions for local workers most affected by the energy transition. Collie Shire President Ian Miffling highlighted the mill's significance in securing a prosperous future for Collie, emphasizing its role as a green industrial hub.

Powered entirely by renewable energy, the Collie mill not only marks Australia's first green steel mill but also the country's first entirely new steel mill in over three decades. The plant's operations will establish a circular economy for steel in Western Australia, converting 500,000 metric tons of locally sourced scrap steel into low-carbon rebar.

With an estimated annual reduction of over 500,000 metric tons of carbon emissions, the Collie mill sets a new benchmark for sustainability through efficient manufacturing processes, renewable energy usage, and reduced transport requirements.

Green Steel of WA is actively collaborating with the state government and major industries to promote local recycling of scrap steel and advocate for the use of locally produced green steel in major projects across the state.

The company envisions the Collie project as the initial step towards creating a world-class green steel industry for Western Australia. It lays the groundwork for a larger green hydrogen-based steelmaking industry, utilizing the state's abundant iron ore and renewable energy reserves.

In partnership with technology provider Danieli, Green Steel of WA is concurrently developing a larger, hydrogen-ready Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) plant in WA's mid-west. Operations for this project are set to commence in 2028, playing a pivotal role in kick-starting Western Australia's green steel and green hydrogen industries.


In conclusion, Green Steel of WA's $400 million Collie project represents a monumental leap towards a sustainable and green future for Western Australia's steel industry. The initiative's multifaceted approach, from circular steel economy practices to renewable energy integration, signals a paradigm shift. With government support and strategic partnerships, the project not only addresses immediate environmental concerns but also lays the foundation for a larger, environmentally conscious steelmaking industry, bolstering the state's economic and ecological aspirations.

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