Green Hydrogen: Forge of Tomorrow's Indian Steel

Green Hydrogen
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Power and New & Renewable Energy Minister R. K. Singh chairs a pivotal meeting on January 24, 2024, discussing the National Green Hydrogen Mission's pilot projects in the iron and steel sector. Emphasizing energy transition's vital role, the Minister highlights the potential of Green Hydrogen in decarbonizing steel production. The meeting focuses on utilizing funds to integrate hydrogen technology transparently, addressing industry concerns and technology gaps.


In a significant rendezvous in New Delhi, Power and New & Renewable Energy Minister R. K. Singh orchestrated a meeting on January 24, 2024, bringing together government and industry stakeholders from the iron and steel sector. The objective: delving into the pilot projects under the National Green Hydrogen Mission within the sector. The gathering saw participation from officials of the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, Ministry of Steel, and representatives from the Iron & Steel industry.

Expressing the government's commitment to energy transition, Minister R. K. Singh emphasized its pivotal role in the iron and steel sector. The key focus was on how the use of Green Hydrogen in the steel-making process could contribute significantly to sector decarbonization. "Our idea is to help you transition. If we use green hydrogen, then carbon content becomes low; so, we need to think of ways and means of doing that," stated the Minister. He underscored the urgency of energy transition for the sector's competitiveness, particularly in the face of emerging trade barriers imposed by developed countries.

The Union Power and New & Renewable Energy Minister outlined the necessity to utilize the available funds under the National Green Hydrogen Mission for developing technology that integrates hydrogen into the steel-making process. Acknowledging that some manufacturers have already initiated experiments with green hydrogen in the steel sector, the Minister emphasized the meeting's goal—to determine avenues for accelerating this transition transparently. The discussion aimed at addressing technology gaps hindering progress.

Industry representatives voiced concerns about the challenges faced during trials, prompting discussions on the feasibility of executing projects through a consortium. Minister R. K. Singh directed concerted efforts to identify the right technology and pathways for decarbonizing the steel sector. He affirmed that additional funds could be allocated if necessary, supplementing the Rs. 455 Crores already designated for the steel sector under the National Green Hydrogen Mission.


As the steel industry embarks on a journey towards a greener future, the meeting marks a crucial step in aligning efforts, technology, and funding to accelerate the integration of Green Hydrogen. Minister R. K. Singh's commitment to transparency and addressing industry concerns signals a promising path toward a sustainable and decarbonized steel sector.

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