Green Metallurgy: Metso's Leap into Carbon-Neutral Steel

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Metso Corporation allocates €8 million to inaugurate a cutting-edge DRI Smelting Furnace pilot facility in Pori, Finland. Positioned at the forefront of sustainable technology, the pilot plant will facilitate crucial pilot-scale testing, showcasing the efficacy of Metso's Outotec® DRI Smelting Furnace in curbing carbon emissions within the iron and steel industry. The move responds to the industry's quest for eco-friendly innovations, aiming for an 8% global carbon dioxide emissions reduction. Metso's groundbreaking technology offers a green alternative, poised to revolutionize steel production.


In a significant stride toward eco-friendly steel production, Metso Corporation announces an €8 million investment in a state-of-the-art DRI Smelting Furnace pilot facility. This pilot plant, situated in Pori, Finland, emerges as a testament to Metso's commitment to advancing sustainable practices in the minerals and metals industry.

The iron and steel industry, responsible for 8% of global carbon dioxide emissions, faces mounting pressure to adopt environmentally conscious solutions. Metso's Outotec® DRI Smelting Furnace, launched in 2022, emerges as a breakthrough technology offering a green alternative to traditional blast furnaces. It promises a substantial reduction in emissions when integrated with a direct reduction plant.

Jyrki Makkonen, Vice President of Smelting at Metso, underscores the industry's need for innovation in light of stringent environmental regulations. The Outotec® DRI Smelting Furnace stands as a beacon, replacing conventional blast furnaces and significantly lowering emissions. This aligns with global efforts to diminish the carbon footprint of steel production.

The €8 million investment in the DRI Smelting Furnace pilot facility responds to the surging demand for reliable testing amid a transition to emissions-free smelting. Mari Lindgren, Director of Smelting Research & Development at Metso, emphasizes the facility's role in testing various customer materials for industrial scale-up. The construction is underway, with the first tests and campaigns expected in the latter part of 2024.

Metso's Outotec® DRI Smelting Furnace introduces a high-capacity solution for primary steel producers. Combined with a direct reduction plant, it offers a seamless transition from traditional methods with minimal adjustments to existing steel plants. The furnace's adaptability extends to integration with Metso's hydrogen-based CircoredTM process and other direct reduction processes.

The initiative aligns with Metso's broader commitment to providing sustainable technologies and solutions for the aggregates, minerals processing, and metals refining industries. The company, with over 16,000 employees globally, is dedicated to fostering positive change in productivity, energy efficiency, and environmental performance.


Metso's €8 million investment in the DRI Smelting Furnace pilot facility marks a significant leap towards green metallurgy. Positioned as a pioneering solution for the iron and steel industry's carbon-neutral aspirations, the Outotec® DRI Smelting Furnace emerges as a beacon of innovation. With a commitment to sustainability, Metso strides toward reshaping the landscape of steel production, responding to the urgent need for environmentally conscious practices in the global metallurgical arena.

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