Green Mobility: Outokumpu, thyssenkrupp & Purem Join Forces

Green Mobility
Green MobilityImage Source - Thyssenkrupp

In a concerted effort to usher in an era of eco conscious automotive engineering, a strategic trinity of industry titans, namely Outokumpu, thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe, and Purem by Eberspaecher, unite under the aegis of Circle Green, an avant-garde initiative aimed at curbing emissions within the automotive domain. The resonance of their collective mission is poised to resonate far beyond the realms of the industry, resonating with the harmonious cadence of sustainability.

At the vanguard of this coalition stands Outokumpu, a global vanguard in sustainable stainless steel, partnering with thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe, a paragon of steel and aluminium services with their shared objective to wield the world's first stainless steel evolution towards zero emissions, an innovative approach that has the potential to cascade a seismic shift in emission reduction. Purem by Eberspaecher, a maestro in exhaust technology and acoustic solutions, is poised to leverage the Circle Green paradigm, ushering forth an emission reduction of up to 92% compared to industry averages.

The pulse of this partnership reverberates in consonance with the EU's fervent pursuit of low emission mobility. The contours of this collaboration extend far beyond the conventional, mirroring a commitment to the circular economy, where stainless steel's recyclability is harnessed as a cornerstone. Outokumpu's Circle Green, a testament to their circular commitment, stands unrivaled in its industry wide emission minimization, an accomplishment that stretches from the inception of raw materials to the zenith of final production.

The heart of this collaboration lies in Circle Green, a potent material coursing through the arteries of progress. Outokumpu supplies this material to thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe, the latter deftly transforming it into slit strips and orchestrating their just-in-time delivery to Purem by Eberspaecher.

Mr. Niklas Wass, the Executive Vice President of Stainless Europe at Outokumpu, eloquently affirms their pioneering ethos, “We are at the forefront of decarbonizing the steel industry and the automotive sector is one of where all solutions to cut emissions are heavily needed. This alliance, extending to Purem by Eberspaecher, resonates with vehicles of both personal and commercial stature, heralding a sustainable motoring era across Europe.”

Mr. Marcus Wöhl, the CEO of thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe, articulates their role, “Our teams accompany the innovative research and development of our customers from the very beginning and support within the supply chain to achieve the formulated emission targets.”

In an industry where CO₂ emissions average 6.1 metric tons per metric ton of stainless steel, Circle Green emerges as a harbinger of transformation, curbing emissions to as low as 0.5 metric tons per metric ton of stainless steel.

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