Green Steel Revolution: BENTELER's CliMore® Breakthrough



BENTELER achieves a milestone by delivering its first welded CliMore® tubes, crafted from CO₂-reduced steel, to the renowned Stabilus Group. This marks a significant leap in sustainable steel production, aligning with BENTELER's CliMore® brand, categorized into Advantage, Ambition, and Excellence, reflecting varying levels of environmental impact reduction. The collaboration showcases BENTELER's commitment to combatting climate change and fostering a green steel industry.


In a groundbreaking development, BENTELER has ushered in a new era of sustainable steel with the delivery of its first welded CliMore® tubes to the esteemed Stabilus Group. These tubes, falling under the Ambition category, signify a crucial step in reducing the carbon footprint within the steel industry. Stabilus, a leading motion control solutions provider, will employ these tubes to manufacture gas springs, aligning their operations with environmentally conscious practices.

BENTELER's commitment to combating climate change is evident through its CliMore® brand, introduced in September 2023. The brand classifies steel products into three sustainability categories: Advantage, Ambition, and Excellence. Each level signifies the production process and energy sources used. Notably, all levels involve low-emission steel production from scrap using electric arc furnaces, contributing to a substantial reduction of up to 75% in CO₂ emissions compared to traditional blast furnace methods.

The Ambition level, to which the delivered CliMore® tubes belong, further enhances environmental benefits by utilizing green electricity in tube mills and electric arc furnaces, resulting in an impressive 85% reduction in CO₂ emissions. Looking ahead, the Excellence level aims for full electrification of plants or leveraging green hydrogen as an energy source, marking an even more profound commitment to sustainable steel production.

Ralph Mathis, Chief Sales Officer at BENTELER Steel/Tube, expresses delight in Stabilus being the inaugural recipient of welded tubes from the CliMore® brand. This collaboration signifies not only a successful business relationship but also a shared dedication to reducing the carbon footprint and operating sustainably in the face of climate challenges.


BENTELER's delivery of CliMore® tubes to Stabilus heralds a new chapter in green steel production. As the first welded tubes made of CO₂-reduced steel find their place in the market, the CliMore® brand's Advantage, Ambition, and Excellence categories showcase BENTELER's commitment to environmental sustainability. This collaborative effort exemplifies the industry's collective stride towards a greener future, tackling climate change and prioritizing eco-conscious steel production practices.

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