Green Steel Symphony: LIBERTY's EAF Revolution

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In September 2023, LIBERTY Steel and CISDI Engineering joined forces with Hungary's Ministry of Economic Development for a groundbreaking collaboration. This strategic alliance aimed to transform Dunaferr steel works by shifting from coal-centric to EAF technology, projecting an 80% reduction in direct CO₂ emissions. The initiative involves installing a state-of-the-art 150 metric tons capacity EAF, marking a paradigm shift in the competitive strength of Dunaferr. The tripartite consortium, navigating governmental support, positions itself as the linchpin for effective decarbonization implementation.


In a landmark collaboration, LIBERTY Steel and CISDI Engineering have teamed up with Hungary's Ministry of Economic Development to spearhead a transformative initiative at Dunaferr steel works. The vision is clear: a departure from coal-centric steel production to embrace Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) technology, promising an impressive 80% reduction in direct CO₂ emissions.

LIBERTY and CISDI, bearing the brunt of technical responsibilities, envision the installation of a cutting-edge 150 metric tons capacity EAF. This furnace, equipped with advanced energy-efficient technologies, signifies a pivotal leap in Dunaferr's competitive landscape. The collaborative efforts aim to secure approval from EU regulatory bodies for the ambitious roadmap.

The Hungarian Ministry of Economic Development plays a crucial role, offering administrative support to navigate bureaucratic processes and facilitate the project's realization. This tripartite consortium, featuring plant operators, equipment suppliers, and government oversight, emerges as the linchpin for the effective implementation of this decarbonization strategy.

Mr. Márton Nagy, Minister of Economic Development, commemorated the occasion, emphasizing the significance of this pact in shaping the future of the steel industry. The move towards green steel production at Dunaújváros promises job security and economic vitality, marking a transformative wave for the region.

Mr. Xiao Xuewen, Chairman of CISDI Engineering, expressed delight in collaborating with LIBERTY, envisioning the EAF project as a testament to their professionalism, technical prowess, and dedication to propelling LIBERTY towards carbon-neutral steel production.

Mr. Sanjeev Gupta, Executive Chairman of LIBERTY, stressed the urgency of transitioning to lower-carbon paradigms globally. The Dunaferr initiative underscores the need for world-class technology partnerships, sound financial frameworks, and supportive government policies.

The agreement delineates specific responsibilities, with LIBERTY overseeing technical aspects and the Hungarian Ministry facilitating administrative processes. A joint working group ensures effective communication, overcomes obstacles, and aligns efforts to exceed environmental and sustainability benchmarks.


LIBERTY's collaboration with CISDI Engineering and Hungary's Ministry of Economic Development marks a pivotal moment in Dunaferr's journey towards green steel production. The strategic shift to EAF technology promises substantial carbon emission reductions, positioning the tripartite consortium as a key player in the region's decarbonization efforts. This initiative not only ensures environmental compliance but also aligns with stringent sustainability standards, emphasizing a collective commitment to a greener, economically vibrant future.

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