Greenfield Jetty: Catalyst for Hazira's Steel Surge"

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AM/NS India is expanding its steel production capacity and aims to build a new jetty at Suvali near Hazira in Gujarat. This jetty will help meet the increased demand for raw materials and finished steel products. The goal is to enhance the production from 9.6 million metric tons to 21 million metric tons by 2030, reports Hindustan Times.


ArcelorMittal Nippon Steel India (AM/NS India), a major player in the steel industry, is taking big steps in enhancing its steel production. Currently, the company produces 9.6 million metric tons per year at its integrated steel plant in Hazira. Plans are underway to elevate this figure to 15.6 million by 2026 and 21 million by 2030.

To facilitate this growth, the company is developing a deep draft greenfield jetty at Suvali in Gujarat. A recent public hearing about this project confirmed that the jetty is designed to support the company's growing raw material requirements, including iron ore, limestone, and coal.

Earlier, AM/NS India made a pivotal move by acquiring a 25 million metric tons capacity captive jetty from the Essar Group. This addition allows the company to manage its growing volume of steel products efficiently. However, due to infrastructure constraints, the existing jetties have reached their operational limits.

Captain Rituparn Raghuvanshi, Hazira AM/NS Ports head, emphasized that the existing port infrastructure is insufficient to handle the increasing steel production. Therefore, a dedicated captive jetty is essential for dealing with the uptick in cargo movement.

This new jetty is considered a vital element in reaching India's ambitious steel production target of 300 million metric tons by 2030, as outlined in the National Steel Policy. AM/NS India aims to contribute to this national goal through its expansions in Hazira and Odisha plants.

The project is set to be completed in two phases, although the investment details have not been disclosed. When completed, the jetty will not only serve the existing steel plant but also accommodate the future expansion needs of AM/NS India.


AM/NS India is charting an ambitious course to elevate its steel production capacities. The new greenfield jetty at Suvali is a crucial part of this plan. It is aimed at alleviating bottlenecks in raw material and finished product movement, thereby positioning the company to contribute significantly to India's steel production goals. This move will likely have a far-reaching impact on India's industrial landscape.

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