GreenSteel Nexus: Schneider's Sustainable Surge

Schneider Electric
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ArcelorMittal and Schneider Electric unite in a groundbreaking partnership, aiming to diminish environmental footprints. Schneider Electric will incorporate ArcelorMittal's XCarb® steel, crafted sustainably with minimal CO₂ emissions, into its electrical cabinets. The synergy advances eco-friendly manufacturing, emphasizing recycled materials and renewable energy sources.


In a transformative collaboration, ArcelorMittal and Schneider Electric forge a path toward sustainability. The partnership centers on the supply of XCarb® recycled and renewably produced steel from ArcelorMittal to Schneider Electric. Originating in Sestao, Spain, this innovative steel is manufactured using a substantial proportion of recycled material in an electric arc furnace, powered entirely by renewable electricity. The consequential reduction in CO₂ emissions, nearly 70% less than conventional steel production, marks a significant stride in eco-conscious manufacturing.

Schneider Electric plans to utilize ArcelorMittal's XCarb® steel in the fabrication of PanelSeT SFN floor-standing enclosures, specifically designed to shield large electrical panels in industrial automation, power distribution, and electronic applications. Notably, these enclosures boast Magnelis® coating, ensuring robust corrosion protection for enhanced durability in challenging operational environments.

This collaborative milestone is the culmination of months of technical partnership and cooperation between ArcelorMittal Steel Services Centre Europe and Schneider Electric. Their joint efforts aimed to pinpoint the optimal steel grade and coating, underscoring a commitment to advancing sustainable practices in the manufacturing realm.


In conclusion, the partnership between ArcelorMittal and Schneider Electric signifies a significant leap toward sustainable manufacturing. By incorporating XCarb® recycled and renewably produced steel, the companies are not only reducing CO₂ emissions but also promoting the use of recycled materials. This collaboration underscores their dedication to environmentally friendly practices and marks a promising trend for a greener industrial future.

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