Groundbreaking Eco-Throne: Tellus Bench Unveiled

TELLUS BenchImage Source: Vestre


Vestre's TELLUS bench is the world's first furniture piece made entirely of 100% fossil-free steel. Designed by Emma Olbers, this sustainable bench serves as a beacon for eco-conscious furniture design and manufacturing, aiming to lessen the overall carbon footprint.


In a significant stride toward sustainability, Vestre, a Norwegian furniture company, has collaborated with Swedish designer Emma Olbers to unveil the TELLUS bench. This remarkable creation is made entirely from SSAB's 100% fossil-free steel, marking it as a watershed moment in the furniture industry.

Emma Olbers emphasized that the design and form of TELLUS align with the planet's environmental boundaries. She highlighted the importance of collaborating with companies that are proactive in setting science-based targets, in line with meeting the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

TELLUS has been designed to be both timeless and inviting, perfect for city parks and other public environments. Bjørn Fjellstad, CEO at Vestre, points out that there’s something essentially social and accessible about a park bench in a public space, allowing people to engage in meaningful conversations.

Vestre is aiming to be a trailblazer in adopting new technologies to lessen its climate impact. The traditional steel production process involves coal burning, which contributes to large emissions of greenhouse gases. Vestre’s goal is to reduce the brand’s carbon footprint, which is significantly impacted by steel, constituting over 60% of its total emissions.

Emma Olbers described the goal behind TELLUS: to create an outdoor bench robust enough to endure wear and tear yet eco-friendly in its construction. She emphasized that while the bench should exude a metallic feel, it should also appear welcoming, a feature realized through its wide armrests that provide ample space for a coffee cup.

According to Øyvind Bjørnstad, Chief Sustainability Officer at Vestre, the company has ambitions to be the world's most sustainable furniture manufacturer. He said that switching to fossil-free steel could potentially decrease their overall carbon footprint by around 60%.


The TELLUS bench, with its 100% fossil-free steel construction, sets a new standard in eco-conscious furniture design. Its debut is not just a milestone for Vestre but a call to action for the entire industry to accelerate their sustainability efforts.

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