H1 FY2023: Nippon's Nuanced Steel Success

Nippon Steel
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Nippon Steel has announced a remarkable upward revision in its H1 FY2023 results, with a record-high Underlying Business Profit (BP) of $499 billion. Even amid a challenging business environment, the company is optimistic, aiming for an even higher BP of $840 billion for FY2023.


Nippon Steel's performance in the first half of FY2023 has been nothing short of outstanding. The company reported an Underlying Business Profit of $499 billion, marking an upward revision of $69 billion from the original forecast. Such figures are impressive, particularly considering the turbulent business landscape.

In the Asian market, the commodity-grade steel spreads have hit their lowest ever. This trend indicates a potentially sluggish second half of FY2023. However, Nippon Steel remains undeterred. With a targeted Underlying BP of $840 billion for the full year, the company maintains its optimism, staying consistent with its initial projections made in Q1 FY2023.

To provide some historical context, in FY2022, the company's non-consolidated crude steel production stood at approximately 34.25 metric tons, and the steel shipment was around 31.47 metric tons. As for the financial metrics, the revenue for FY2022 was pegged at $7,975.5 billion, and the Underlying BP, excluding inventory valuations and related aspects, was at $734 billion.

In the subsequent quarters of FY2023, Q1 and Q2 showcased revenues of $2,199.7 billion and $2,212.6 billion, respectively. These figures cumulatively amounted to a combined revenue of $4,412.4 billion for H1 FY2023. The Underlying BP, excluding other factors like inventory, reached a commendable figure of $499 billion, a new record high.


Nippon Steel's exemplary performance in H1 FY2023 is a testament to its robust strategies and resilience, even in the face of economic challenges. Their unwavering focus on achieving another record-high Underlying BP for FY2023 underscores their commitment to excellence and growth. In the ever-evolving steel industry, Nippon Steel is certainly setting high standards.

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