H2 Green Steel's Structural Milestone

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H2 Green Steel achieves a significant step in Boden Industrial Park's steel plant construction. After extensive groundwork, the initial steel structure has been assembled, marking a pivotal moment in the project. The project manager, Jeff Gehlhoff, emphasizes the significance of this event and anticipates further progress as the installation of numerous supporting steel columns begins, reports Arctic Today.


A significant stride has been made by H2 Green Steel at Boden Industrial Park as the inaugural part of the forthcoming steel plant has been assembled following extensive groundwork and foundational preparations. The installation of this initial steel structure marks a crucial juncture in the project's timeline. The event garnered attention from various media outlets, highlighting its importance.

Project manager Jeff Gehlhoff expressed pride in the accomplishment, reflecting on the year-long dedication that culminated in this achievement. He envisions this moment as a cornerstone that will be remembered as the project progresses over the next two years.

Moving forward, the construction phase will entail the installation of hundreds of similar steel columns, which will serve as integral foundations supporting the structure of the steel plant. This phase signifies a continuation of the project's momentum and marks the transition to the subsequent stages of development.

For more insights into this significant accomplishment and the project's trajectory, Jeff Gehlhoff provides further details in a video, capturing the essence and significance of this construction milestone.


The successful assembly of the initial steel structure at Boden Industrial Park marks a significant advancement for H2 Green Steel's ambitious project. This milestone reflects the dedication and progress achieved after meticulous groundwork, setting the stage for the forthcoming phases of construction. Jeff Gehlhoff's pride in this achievement underscores its significance, signifying a promising trajectory for the steel plant's development.

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