H2GS: ABB's Drive to Green Steel Revolution

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ABB partners with SMS group for Sweden's H2 Green Steel plant, supplying 1,200 energy-efficient drives. The Boden facility aims to produce 5 million metric tons of green steel yearly by 2030, utilizing hydrogen in furnaces to cut CO₂ emissions by 95%. ABB's advanced drives enhance precision control in crucial plant areas, including galvanizing, annealing, and milling, promoting reliability and reducing costs. The project aligns with the steel industry's transition towards sustainable practices, marking a significant step in combating energy demand and CO₂ emissions.


In a monumental stride towards sustainable steel production, ABB joins forces with SMS group to contribute to the H2 Green Steel plant in Boden, Sweden. The project, set to revolutionize the steel industry, envisions the production of 5 million metric tons of green steel annually by 2030. ABB's expertise in providing cutting-edge drives emerges as a cornerstone in enabling this ambitious endeavor.

Globally, the steel industry accounts for 8 percent of the world's energy demand, emitting 7 to 9 percent of CO₂, primarily from fossil fuel combustion, as highlighted by the International Energy Agency (IEA) Iron and Steel Technology Roadmap. The H2 Green Steel project, currently in its initial phase, targets production commencement by the end of 2025. Notably, it embraces a forward-looking approach by adopting hydrogen in furnaces, achieving a remarkable 95 percent reduction in CO₂ emissions compared to traditional methods.

Chris Poynter, Division President for System Drives at ABB Motion, expresses enthusiasm about the collaboration, emphasizing ABB's role in steering the steel industry towards hydrogen combustion. ABB's proven track record in demanding applications positions its drives as vital components in the green steel production process.

ABB will supply approximately 1,200 ACS880 low voltage (LV) drives across nine crucial areas of the plant, ensuring precision control in operations like the tunnel furnace, plate mill, and annealing and galvanizing line. These drives not only facilitate precise equipment control but also ensure a stable supply of electricity, fostering efficiency.

Additionally, ABB will provide 11 ACS6080 medium voltage (MV) drives, both individually and in multidrive configurations, for application in hot and tandem cold mills. The ACS6080's precision is pivotal in ensuring uniform mechanical qualities, thickness, and finish in these critical processes. The multidrive concept, allowing a single drive cabinet to control multiple motors independently, further enhances energy efficiency and operational flexibility.

The project's innovative approach extends to a multidrive configuration, contributing to a smaller footprint, greater energy efficiency, and the ability to harness energy from regenerative braking. This concept is particularly advantageous for demanding hot finishing mills, ensuring grid-friendly operation and low harmonic content while optimizing installation costs.

The Boden plant, scheduled for large-scale production in 2026, signifies a beacon of hope for sustainable steel manufacturing. By 2030, it aims to supply a substantial 5 million metric tons of green steel annually, marking a substantial contribution to the industry's evolution.


ABB's collaboration with SMS group for the H2 Green Steel plant underscores a pivotal moment in the steel industry's transformation towards sustainability. The adoption of hydrogen in furnaces, coupled with ABB's advanced drives, positions the project as a trailblazer in reducing CO₂ emissions and reshaping the future of steel production. The commitment to precision, efficiency, and environmental responsibility sets a benchmark for the broader industry to embrace innovative solutions.

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