Hammering Innovation: Enhanced Forging Capacity

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Schmiedag GmbH invests $7.9 million into its forging hammer plant to increase production capacity, product range, and reduce CO2 emissions. The new technology allows forging heavier components, targeting new markets like the food industry and power generation.


Schmiedag GmbH, a German-based forging company, is injecting a significant investment of approximately $7.9 million into modernizing its forging hammer plant. The company is aiming for a twofold benefit: reducing its carbon footprint and bolstering the reliability of its production processes.

The central piece of this investment is a newly acquired stretching press, exerting a force of 630 metric tons, alongside the setup of a 400 kJ forging hammer, known as the DG 40 counterblow hammer. This new machinery enhances the plant's capabilities, now allowing the forging of components up to 750 kg - a substantial increase from the previous 450 kg limit. This expansion opens the door for Schmiedag to explore new market opportunities that demand heavier components, including specialized segments in the food industry and areas of modern power generation and large-scale mining equipment.

Heinz Klenen, the Managing Director of Schmiedag, emphasizes the operational advancements, stating that the plant's new circular layout and the addition of the stretching press will introduce heightened flexibility and efficiency. These improvements are anticipated to lead to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

The process at Schmiedag's plant involves heating steel ingots to 1,280 degrees Celsius before they are maneuvered by dual andromats, operated by skilled technicians, through the presses and hammers to achieve the desired shapes. The introduction of the two new machines is set to enhance this process further.

Incorporating the new forging hammer into the existing plant presented a challenge, necessitating the construction of a bored pile wall with 42 boreholes to support the foundation for the new equipment. This intricate setup was completed without disrupting the plant's ongoing operations, ensuring the continuity of customer order fulfillment.

Additionally, the upgrade has brought about improvements in occupational safety, with new structural and technical enhancements, including an automated shutdown feature to protect personnel entering the plant.


Schmiedag GmbH's strategic investment in its forging hammer plant is a significant step toward advanced manufacturing and environmental responsibility. The new equipment not only diversifies the company's product portfolio but also establishes Schmiedag as a forward-thinking player in the forging industry, ready to meet the demands of emerging markets with a commitment to sustainability.

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