Harmony Unveiled: TISCO's Green Venture in Indonesia

NickelImage Source: Tempo


TISCO Group, Xinhai Technology, and PT Vale converge to spearhead the Nickel Electricity Integration Project in Indonesia. The collaborative initiative aims to propel the Belt and Road's high-quality development, emphasizing green and low-carbon principles for sustainable growth.


In a strategic alliance, TISCO Group, Xinhai Technology, and PT Vale embark on a transformative journey, envisioning a future where industry and sustainability coalesce. The Nickel Electricity Integration Project, nestled in the heart of Indonesia, stands as a testament to their commitment to harmonizing development with environmental responsibility.

Pooling their expertise, the three entities set the stage for a project that transcends conventional boundaries. The collective goal is to not only advance their individual interests but to contribute to the overarching vision of the Belt and Road initiative, a vision woven with threads of high-quality development.

At the core of this initiative lies a commitment to green practices. TISCO Group, renowned for its steel prowess, merges its industrial might with Xinhai Technology's technological acumen and PT Vale's mining expertise. The amalgamation births a venture that prioritizes environmental responsibility in the extraction and processing of nickel.

The Nickel Electricity Integration Project unfurls as a tapestry of low-carbon ideals. Every step, from mining to electricity generation, is meticulously designed to minimize the ecological footprint. The project aspires to be a benchmark for sustainable industrial practices, showcasing that progress need not come at the expense of the planet.

As the Belt and Road initiative evolves, this collaborative endeavor serves as a beacon illuminating the path towards sustainability. It goes beyond economic interests, weaving a narrative where progress intertwines with ecological stewardship, a narrative that echoes the principles of high-quality development.

The project's impact extends beyond national borders, resonating globally. It showcases the potential of international collaborations to usher in an era where industries operate in consonance with nature. The Nickel Electricity Integration Project becomes a case study for how cooperation can redefine the narrative of progress.


In the lush landscapes of Indonesia, TISCO Group, Xinhai Technology, and PT Vale unite to script a narrative of green industrial evolution. The Nickel Electricity Integration Project stands as an embodiment of their collective vision—a vision where the Belt and Road's development is not just a journey forward but a harmonious symphony with the environment.

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