Harsco's AgroSilicio: Revolutionizing Agriculture

Harsco Environmental introduces AgroSilicio, a groundbreaking low-carbon fertilizer crafted from recycled steel slag, set to be showcased
AgroSilicoImage Source: Harsco Environmental


Harsco Environmental introduces AgroSilicio, a groundbreaking low-carbon fertilizer crafted from recycled steel slag, set to be showcased at COP28. Already reducing Brazil's carbon footprint by 80,000 tons, equivalent to planting 570,000 trees.



Harsco Environmental, under Enviri Corporation (NYSE: NVRI), receives an esteemed invitation from Brazil's Minas Gerais state to present their pioneering eco-innovation, AgroSilicio, at COP28, the United Nations Climate Summit.

AgroSilicio stands as an environmental game-changer, born from the transformation of steel industry by-products into a certified fertilizer approved by the Brazilian government. This sustainable marvel has garnered significant success in its markets, fostering environmental responsibility and agricultural efficiency.

The innovation behind AgroSilicio revolves around the reutilization of recycled steel slag, ingeniously transformed into a calcium silicate-based product boasting dual functionality as a fertilizer and soil conditioner. Its versatile nature makes it a valuable asset in agribusiness, rectifying chemical imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, and soil toxicity across diverse farming domains.

Harsco Environmental's AgroSilicio forms an integral part of their exclusive line of ecoproducts™. This groundbreaking fertilizer has notably curtailed Minas Gerais' carbon footprint by a substantial 80,000 tons, translating to the environmental equivalence of planting a staggering 570,000 trees in 2022 alone.

Wender Alves, LATAM Regional President at Harsco Environmental, highlights the pioneering synergy between industrial growth and sustainability achieved through AgroSilicio's transformation from steel slag to top-quality fertilizer. The profound impact in reducing carbon emissions is poised to be showcased on a global platform, amplifying Brazil's commitment to environmental responsibility.

This innovative eco-product, detailed in Enviri's 2022 Environmental, Social, and Governance report, signifies a union of efforts between Harsco Environmental and steel industry stakeholders, optimizing by-product reuse. Farmers embracing AgroSilicio witness not just a reduction in carbon footprint but also a remarkable enhancement in soil quality and fertilization efficiency, contributing significantly to sustainable agricultural practices.

Harsco Environmental's steadfast dedication to sustainability is spotlighted in their successful conversion of waste into valuable resources, notably steel slag, propelling a circular economy through their trailblazing AgroSilicio ecoproduct line.


Harsco's AgroSilicio emerges as a potent symbol of innovation and sustainability, demonstrating the transformative power of recycled materials in fortifying agricultural practices. Its remarkable success in curbing carbon emissions and enhancing soil fertility positions it as a crucial component in the global pursuit of eco-friendly solutions.

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