Hasso Haibach Ascends Becker's Helm

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Hasso Haibach is the new CEO of Becker Stahl-Service GmbH, starting from November 1, 2023. With over 15 years of experience, he's expected to propel the company forward with his expertise in corporate development and operational excellence.


Becker Stahl-Service GmbH, a leading name in the steel and metals industry, has announced the appointment of Hasso Haibach as their new Chief Executive Officer, effective November 1, 2023. Haibach steps into the role following the interim leadership of Guido Kerkhoff.

With a robust portfolio of over 15 years managing companies within the steel and metal sectors, Haibach is well-versed in corporate development, particularly excelling in areas of sales and operational efficiency. His expertise is widely acknowledged in the industry, setting high expectations for his tenure at Becker.

Before his new role at Becker, Haibach has held several high-ranking positions. His latest stint was with Timken Germany GmbH, where as Managing Director, he was instrumental in overseeing supply chain management and spearheading new business initiatives. His tenure at Altenloh, Brinck & Co - Umformtechnik was marked by his leadership over their German and French subsidiaries.

Haibach's experience extends to a notable period at ArcelorMittal, where, as Managing Director, he amplified the firm's presence in the DACH region’s flat steel sales. His efforts there were particularly focused on market expansion.

The team at Becker Stahl-Service GmbH is enthusiastic about joining forces with Haibach. Alongside CFO Christina Kolbeck, Haibach will form the new management duo at the helm of the company. Moreover, he will serve on the management boards of Becker Aluminium Service-GmbH and Becker subsidiary Umformtechnik Stendal GmbH.

At Becker, Haibach's role will not be confined to routine management. He is tasked with a critical mission to transform the company into a multi-metal platform, emphasizing quality and customer service. With his guidance, Becker Stahl-Service GmbH is set to navigate the complexities of the steel industry, ensuring resilience and growth in a competitive market.


Becker Stahl-Service GmbH is poised for a new chapter under the leadership of Hasso Haibach. With his extensive background and a clear focus on development and operational excellence, Haibach's arrival is a strategic move that promises to fortify Becker's position and foster its expansion in the global market.

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