Henrik Adam Assumes EUROFER Presidency

Henrik Adams
Henrik AdamsImage Source: Tata Steel


Dr. Henrik Adam, Chairman of Tata Steel UK, takes the helm as EUROFER President, succeeding Francesc Rubiralta Rubió. His vision emphasizes the pivotal role of the European steel industry in fostering local manufacturing and global competitiveness amidst carbon neutrality objectives.


Dr. Henrik Adam, esteemed Chairman of Tata Steel UK, ascends to the presidency of EUROFER, succeeding Francesc Rubiralta Rubió, who led EUROFER since 2022. This appointment coincides with the inclusion of the Steel Association of Ukraine as a new member.

With an illustrious career spanning leadership roles across Tata Steel and industry associations like the Steel Institute VDEh in Germany, Dr. Adam brings extensive expertise to EUROFER. His prior tenure as Vice President of EUROFER and Chairman of WorldAutoSteel underscores his commitment to steel industry development.

Addressing his goals, Dr. Adam emphasizes the indelible connection between local manufacturing and a robust steel industry. He advocates for transitioning to carbon neutrality while maintaining market share and ensuring access to affordable decarbonized energy and steel scrap, pivotal for European steel.

The newly appointed President highlights the symbiotic relationship between European manufacturing sectors and the steel industry. He envisions continued innovation, essential for maintaining competitiveness globally, advocating that the future of European industry relies significantly on a robust steel sector.

Francesc Rubiralta Rubió, the outgoing President, reflects on a challenging term amid global economic uncertainties. He acknowledges EUROFER's perseverance through energy crises, geopolitical tensions, and decarbonization efforts, focusing on reinforcing circularity and industry stability.

In closing, Axel Eggert, EUROFER's Director General, lauds Rubiralta's leadership during tumultuous times and expresses confidence in Henrik Adam's capacity to foster business opportunities for the European steel value chain.


Dr. Henrik Adam's ascension to EUROFER's presidency signals a pivotal juncture for the European steel industry. His vision, centered on aligning steel's growth with carbon neutrality objectives while supporting European manufacturing, underscores a forward-looking strategy crucial for industry resilience and competitiveness.

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