Hoa Phat Group's Robust Odyssey:Profits, Production, and Prospects

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Hoa Phat Group concludes 2023 with resounding success, achieving an after-tax profit of VND6.8 trillion. Q4 showcases stellar performance, with revenue reaching VND34.9 trillion, a remarkable 33% YoY increase. Despite a 10% reduction in crude steel production, the group strategically invests in deep processing, expanding its product lines and export markets. Hoa Phat retains its position as Vietnam's largest crude steel producer, emphasizing sustainability and market leadership. The Dung Quat 2 Project, progressing at 45%, propels the group towards a global ranking among the top 30 steel enterprises by 2025.


In the vibrant landscape of Vietnam's industrial prowess, Hoa Phat Group emerges as a beacon of success, capping off 2023 with record-breaking achievements. The group's financial report for the last quarter of the year paints a picture of resilience, innovation, and strategic foresight.

The fourth quarter of 2023 stands as the pinnacle of Hoa Phat Group's financial prowess. With revenue soaring to VND34.9 trillion, a remarkable 33% year-on-year increase, the group solidifies its position in the market. The after-tax profit reaches VND2.9 trillion, marking a staggering 249% increase compared to the same period in 2022 and a notable 48% surge over the previous quarter. Q4 becomes a testament to Hoa Phat's ability to navigate market dynamics with acumen and resilience.

Throughout 2023, Hoa Phat Group demonstrated its adaptability in the face of challenges. Crude steel production experienced a 10% reduction, reaching 6.7 million metric tons. Sales of various steel products, including construction steel and steel billets, witnessed a 7% year-on-year decrease. However, the group strategically invested in deep processing, expanding its product lines and venturing into high-quality steel to meet both domestic and international demands.

Hoa Phat's commitment to diversifying consumer markets is evident in its expansion to 39 countries and territories worldwide. The group's foray into steel exports not only contributes to foreign exchange earnings but also plays a crucial role in balancing Vietnam's trade.

With a crude steel capacity of 8.5 million metric tons per year, Hoa Phat Group secures its position as the largest crude steel producer in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. The group leads the market in construction steel and steel pipes, ranking among the top 5 producers of galvanized steel sheets. Hoa Phat's comprehensive portfolio includes the unique ability to produce Hot Rolled Coil (HRC) steel, pre-stressed steel cables, and various high-quality steel variants.

A key milestone in Hoa Phat Group's journey is the ongoing progress of the Dung Quat 2 Project. At 45% completion, this ambitious endeavor is set to elevate the group's production capacity to over 14 million metric tons of crude steel annually by 2025. This trajectory positions Hoa Phat among the top 30 largest steel enterprises globally, emphasizing the group's commitment to sustainable growth.


Hoa Phat Group's journey through 2023 exemplifies a strategic blend of financial acumen, production adaptability, and a global outlook. The triumphs in Q4 underscore the group's resilience, while strategic investments in product diversification and global market penetration showcase a forward-looking approach. As the Dung Quat 2 Project unfolds, the group's trajectory towards global recognition solidifies, promising a future where Hoa Phat stands tall among the world's foremost steel enterprises.

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