Hoa Phat's Ascending Profit Triumph"

Hao Phat
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Despite a year-on-year revenue dip, Hoa Phat Group's after-tax profit soared to $3.8 trillion in nine months, marking a 212% increase compared to the previous year and achieving 48% of their annual target.


The latest financial reports from Hoa Phat Group reveal a notable after-tax profit of $3.8 trillion over nine months, despite a 27% decrease in revenue compared to last year. While the third quarter of 2023 saw revenues at $28.7 trillion, representing a 16% decline from the previous year, profits told a different story, escalating to an impressive 212% increase year-on-year and 38% over the previous quarter.

The stability of raw material prices and a strategic approach to inventory management played pivotal roles in the improved profit margins. The steel sector of Hoa Phat Group experienced a surge in sales in the third quarter, rising 12% from the second quarter and 24% from the first. This upward trend indicates a recovering demand and efficient operational adjustments.

However, production figures showed a downward trajectory. With a 21% decline year-on-year, the Group produced 4.8 million metric tons of crude steel. Sales of various steel types also fell by 19% compared to the previous year, highlighting the challenges faced in the market.

Despite the dips in production and sales, Hoa Phat Group has maintained its market dominance in Vietnam. The group leads in construction steel and steel pipes with market shares of 33.3% and 27.3%, respectively. It is noteworthy that Hoa Phat is the sole producer of hot rolled coil steel in Vietnam, marking its unique position in the industry.

The Group's diversification into container production this August shows a strategic move to capture new market segments. The launch was well-received, drawing interest and orders from various international logistics and container rental firms. Additionally, Hoa Phat's entry into home appliances is gaining traction, with the Funiki air conditioner brand climbing to the sixth spot among competitors.

In agriculture, Hoa Phat optimizes its investment in animal feed factories and livestock farms, aiming to sustain its market share in clean chicken eggs and commercial pigs. Their industrial real estate ventures also continue to expand, providing necessary infrastructure for both domestic and foreign businesses.

Looking ahead, Hoa Phat Group is cautious yet optimistic. With the domestic and international economies facing challenges, the Group plans to manage inventory smartly and adjust production in line with market conditions. They also intend to keep a close eye on major projects like the Dung Quat 2 Iron Steel Integrated Complex, ensuring their investments are efficiently controlled.


In a fluctuating economic landscape, Hoa Phat Group has exhibited resilience and strategic acumen, translating into a robust increase in after-tax profit. While production and sales volumes have faced a downturn, profit margins have improved, underscoring the Group's ability to adapt and thrive. The diversity of their investments and their dominant market position position them well for future growth, despite the ongoing economic challenges.

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