Hoa Phat's Financial Surge: Steeling Success

Hoa Phat
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Vietnamese steel giant Hoa Phat Group reports stellar Q4 2023 results, boasting a net profit of $120 million, a 249% YoY surge. Annual sales revenue reaches $4.9 billion in 2023, a 33% YoY increase. Despite a 16% YoY dip, Hoa Phat's 2023 net profit hits $275 million, achieving 85% of its yearly target. The company emphasizes progress on the Hoa Phat Dung Quat 2 Iron and Steel Complex project, aiming for a 14 million metric ton annual capacity, currently 45% complete.


In a remarkable financial feat, Hoa Phat Group, the prominent Vietnamese steel producer, has unveiled its fourth-quarter and 2023 financial results, painting a picture of substantial growth and resilience in the steel industry.

The fourth quarter proved to be a bonanza for Hoa Phat, as the company recorded a net profit of VND 2.97 trillion ($120.2 million). This figure represents a staggering 249% year-on-year surge and a notable 48% increase quarter-on-quarter. Simultaneously, the company's sales revenue for Q4 reached VND 34.9 trillion ($1.4 billion), marking a robust 33% YoY upswing.

Despite facing challenges, including a 16% year-on-year decline in sales revenues, Hoa Phat's annual performance for 2023 is commendable. The company achieved sales revenues of nearly VND 120.35 trillion ($4.9 billion) and a net profit of VND 6.8 trillion ($275.2 million). This net profit represents 85% of the company's annual target, showcasing Hoa Phat's financial mettle in navigating market complexities.

Hoa Phat Group is strategically steering its efforts towards the realization of the Hoa Phat Dung Quat 2 Iron and Steel Complex project. With an ambitious annual capacity of 14 million metric tons of crude steel, the project stands at an impressive 45% completion. This underscores Hoa Phat's commitment to expanding its production capabilities and fortifying its position in the competitive steel market.


Hoa Phat Group's financial accomplishments in Q4 2023 and throughout the year demonstrate not only resilience but significant growth in the face of challenges. The robust quarterly profits, annual revenue figures, and progress on the Dung Quat 2 project showcase Hoa Phat's strategic vision and operational excellence. As the company continues to forge ahead, its commitment to innovation and expansion positions it as a formidable player in the global steel industry.

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