Hungary: Liberty Dunaújváros' Revival: Restarting Steel Mills

Liberty Dunaújváros
Liberty DunaújvárosImage Source: Liberty


Amidst a turnaround effort, Hungary’s major steel producer, Liberty Dunaújváros, initiates operations of its rolling mills, signaling the first phase of a 100-day program aimed at enhancing operational efficiency in anticipation of an upcoming market upturn, reports Daily News Hungary.



Liberty Steel Group, the recent acquirer of Hungary's leading steelmaker, Liberty Dunaújváros, announced the resumption of its rolling mills, including the hot dip galvanised line. This strategic move marks the initial step in a 100-day agenda designed to streamline operational efficiency, aligning with the projected market resurgence.

Throughout the restructuring phase, Liberty Dunaújváros remains committed to its workforce, ensuring regular salaries while implementing training courses in the upcoming months. These courses aim to equip employees for handling a 150-tonne electric arc furnace, soon to be installed by China’s CISDI Engineering Company. Anticipated to curtail carbon emissions by approximately 80%, this furnace offers enhanced flexibility in managing charge materials.

The revitalization efforts coincide with Liberty Steel's successful bid to acquire the assets of Dunaferr, a distressed Hungarian steel peer undergoing liquidation. Liberty's proactive measures position them as catalysts in Hungary’s steel industry turnaround.


Liberty Dunaújváros’ proactive measures in restarting its rolling mills indicate a pivotal step in its revival strategy, aligning with Liberty Steel Group’s concerted efforts to revitalize Hungary’s steel sector. This resurgence reflects a commitment to operational efficiency and sustainability, poised to propel the company towards a more resilient and eco-friendly future.

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