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Hybar USA
Hybar USA


Koch Minerals & Trading invests in Hybar's $700 million financing round to establish an energy-efficient scrap metal recycling steel rebar mill in Arkansas. The ambitious project aims to produce 630,000 metric tons of rebar annually with cutting-edge technology. KM&T, alongside TPG Rise Climate and Global Principal Partners, contributes $470 million for construction, startup, solar power plant, and port facility. The mill, set to operate in 22 months, highlights a transformative step in scrap metal recycling, fostering a partnership that aligns KM&T's expertise with Hybar's innovation.


In a groundbreaking venture, Koch Minerals & Trading (KM&T) has played a pivotal role in a $700 million financing round for Hybar, a company embarking on an ambitious mission to establish a state-of-the-art and energy-efficient scrap metal recycling steel rebar mill in Arkansas. This significant investment, with KM&T joining forces with TPG Rise Climate and Global Principal Partners, underscores the commitment to technological advancement in the steel industry.

A substantial portion of the investment, totaling $470 million, is earmarked for the construction of the mill. The remaining funds will facilitate the startup and operation of the facility, in addition to establishing a solar power plant and port facility. This comprehensive approach reflects a strategic vision aimed at ensuring sustainable and efficient operations from inception.

The proposed mill, set to be constructed on a sprawling 1,300-acre site with direct access to barge, rail, and truck transportation options, is projected to take 22 months to complete. Once operational, Hybar envisions producing an impressive 630,000 metric tons of rebar annually. What sets this endeavor apart is the emphasis on energy efficiency, aligning with contemporary environmental concerns.

A key metric in this venture is the plan to achieve a production rate of 4,090 tons of rebar per employee, signaling a commitment to both productivity and employment generation. Hybar's forward-thinking approach positions it as a player in the innovative landscape of scrap metal recycling, with a focus on integrating cutting-edge technology.

KM&T's decision to back Hybar follows a successful investment in Big River Steel, which eventually saw a full acquisition by U.S. Steel. The partnership is not merely financial; KM&T subsidiary Koch Metallics is poised to provide metallics procurement services to Hybar and extend risk management services to Hybar's customers.

Vance Holtzman, Senior Vice President of KM&T Investments, expresses enthusiasm for supporting Hybar in bringing forth this transformative scrap metal recycling facility. He sees the partnership as a mutually beneficial collaboration, leveraging KM&T's capabilities alongside the proven track record of the Hybar and TPG teams in developing innovative projects.

Hybar's CEO, Dave Stickler, acknowledges the significance of Koch Minerals & Trading's backing. He emphasizes the potential promise of their innovative scrap metal recycling steel rebar technology. The collaboration reflects a shared vision for revolutionizing the steel industry and meeting evolving market needs.


Koch Minerals & Trading's strategic investment in Hybar's ambitious venture signifies a significant leap toward sustainable and technologically advanced steel production. The project's commitment to energy efficiency, innovative technology, and job creation paints a promising picture for the future of scrap metal recycling. The partnership encapsulates a shared vision for transformative progress in the steel industry.

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