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POSCO International propels the Hyperloop saga, announcing plans to supply specialized steel, POSLOOP355, to the European Hyperloop Center. With 275 metric tons already aiding Hardt's Dutch project, an additional 1,800 metric tons will fortify a 2.7 km test section by 2025. This strategic move aligns with the EU's vision to commercialize the Hyperloop EU Network Project by 2029, positioning EHC as the epicenter.



In a groundbreaking foray into the future of transportation, POSCO International unfurls its wings into the Hyperloop realm. The company's proprietary steel, POSLOOP355, designed explicitly for Hyperloop applications, takes center stage in supplying the European Hyperloop Center (EHC). A testament to this commitment is the ongoing collaboration with Hardt, a Hyperloop developer in the Netherlands, where 275 metric tons of POSLOOP355 are already shaping a test line.

The ambitious endeavor extends its reach with an impending infusion of 1,800 metric tons, fortifying a 2.7 km test section set to pave the way for the Hyperloop EU Network Project. The EU envisions commercializing this groundbreaking transport mode by 2029, and EHC emerges as the pivotal hub orchestrating this futuristic network.

POSCO International's strategic partnership with Hardt marks not only a commitment to steel supply but a significant investment in the Hyperloop venture. The company envisions the Hyperloop's trifecta impact—environmental friendliness, cost-effectiveness, and heightened safety—rippling across various industries, including materials and IT.

The Hyperloop, a marvel of transportation engineering, envisions magnetically levitating capsules hurtling through a vacuum tube at hypersonic speeds. This breakthrough could potentially shrink the distance between Seoul and Busan to a mere 20 minutes at 1,200 kph. The Hyperloop stands as one of POSCO International's pioneering future energy steel projects, aligning with their pursuits in Carbon Capture and Storage, air batteries, and liquefied hydrogen storage and transport.


As POSCO International thrusts itself into the forefront of the nascent Hyperloop industry, the journey is not merely about steel supply but a commitment to shaping the future of transportation. The partnership with Hardt, the strategic investment, and the vision for an environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and safe Hyperloop underline POSCO International's resolve to be a key player in the transformative Hyperloop narrative.

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