Hyundai: Revolutionizing Hot-Strip Mill with Eco Slide Discs

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Eco SideImage Source: Primetals


Hyundai Steel in South Korea adopts Eco Slide Discs from Primetals Technologies, revolutionizing maintenance cycles and cost-efficiency. This implementation at their Dangjin plant's downcoilers significantly reduces wear, maintenance, and operational downtime, offering extended lifespan and improved strip quality.


Hyundai Steel, a prominent South Korean steel producer, has made groundbreaking advancements in their Dangjin plant's operations by integrating Primetals Technologies' Eco Slide Discs. These innovative discs were initially introduced to downcoiler No. 1 in 2019, demonstrating remarkable benefits. Subsequently, Hyundai Steel opted to extend these advantages to downcoiler No. 2.

The implementation involved deploying two Eco Slide beams equipped with rotating discs, disc drives, and guiding beams. This strategic shift has drastically altered maintenance schedules, elongating intervals from a mere two days to a remarkable range of six weeks to several months. Consequently, maintenance-associated expenses have seen a substantial reduction, transforming operational economics.

Eco Slide Discs' design ensures even wear distribution across the disc surface, elongating their lifespan and allowing continuous operation without strip-cutting concerns seen in conventional wear plates.

The rotating discs, a core design feature, prevent strip-surface defects by self-cleaning the guiding beams. This eliminates manual cleaning requirements, averting strip-edge deposits and potential defects, ensuring a seamless operation with minimal disruption.

Besides operational efficiency, this innovation enhances occupational safety by eliminating labor-intensive tasks like inspections, welding, and grinding typically needed for conventional wear plates.

Hyundai Steel, founded in 1953, plans to reinforce its competitiveness by expanding into special steel products and abrasion-resistant materials for automotive applications, leveraging its annual 24 million metric tons crude steel production capacity.


Hyundai Steel's adoption of Eco Slide Discs at their Dangjin plant marks a monumental leap in operational efficiency. This technological advancement not only extends the lifespan of equipment but also significantly reduces maintenance, ensuring enhanced strip quality and increased safety. The integration aligns with Hyundai Steel's strategy to remain competitive while expanding into specialized steel products for diverse industries, especially automotive markets.

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