Ignored Warnings: A Fatal Oversight at Evraz Colorado

Accident Evraz
Accident EvrazImage Source: Local News


A former worker at the Evraz steel mill in Colorado, John ‘Rusty’ Singletary, claims that safety concerns were largely ignored prior to a crane collapse that killed a 32-year-old man. Singletary, who has 30 years of construction experience, says he repeatedly warned supervisors but was let go just before the accident occurred, reports KKTV.


After the tragic death of Pierre Warford in a crane collapse at a construction site adjacent to the Evraz steel mill, a former worker, John 'Rusty' Singletary, has come forward with concerning revelations. Singletary had been employed on The Palmer Project, overseen by general contractor Palmer North America, which is a subsidiary of Evraz.

Despite having 30 years of experience and extensive OSHA safety training, Singletary claims that his safety concerns were largely disregarded. On average, he says he warned supervisors three times a week about unsafe conditions. "It seemed like they tried a little, but at the end of the day it didn’t matter," Singletary adds.

Hours before the fatal incident, Singletary was let go from his job. He mentions that just a day before, he refused to perform a task that he believed would endanger workers. The task involved laying down track pads that couldn't be securely staked to the ground. Singletary felt this could lead to serious injuries like broken ankles or legs.

Evraz North America, the parent company, issued a statement expressing their sorrow over the accident but did not comment on the allegations made by Singletary. Similarly, representatives from Palmer North America also chose not to comment when contacted by 11 News.

The authorities are actively investigating the matter. OSHA is involved, and both Evraz and Palmer North America have been notified. Evraz stated that they are supporting the contractor during the OSHA investigation but have remained tight-lipped otherwise.

There are serious questions that need answering about the lax safety measures that potentially led to a man's death. Who will take responsibility? The management needs to address these issues to prevent future tragedies.


The alarming claims made by Singletary highlight the critical need for stringent safety protocols in construction sites. When warnings from experienced workers go unheeded, it's a disaster waiting to happen. The accident serves as a grim reminder that ignoring safety precautions can have fatal consequences.

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