Inaugural Brilliance: Danieli's QSP Triumph at NMDC

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Danieli's innovative Quality Strip Plant (QSP) marks a stellar debut at NMDC Steel Ltd. in India. The QSP technology, featuring vertical-curved casters and an advanced hot-strip mill, achieved remarkable results, producing over 10,000 metric tons of hot-rolled coils within the first four months. With cutting-edge features like liquid core technology, dynamic soft reduction, and fine-shape control, the plant showcases its prowess in quality steel production.



In a groundbreaking venture into steel production, NMDC Steel Ltd. partnered with Danieli to inaugurate the first-ever Quality Strip Plant (QSP) in India. Located in Nagarnar, Chhattisgarh, this state-of-the-art facility signifies a significant leap in the country's steel manufacturing capabilities.

The Danieli QSP plant, an integral part of the NMDC steel complex, is engineered to produce 2.9 million metric tons per year (Mtpy) of hot-rolled coils. These coils boast strip thicknesses ranging from 1.0 mm to 16 mm, widths spanning 900 to 1650 mm, and weigh up to 35 metric tons each.

Danieli spearheaded this ambitious project, delivering a comprehensive turnkey package that included two vertical-curved casters, a rolling mill in a 2+4 stand configuration, coil handling systems, advanced automation controls, metallurgy laboratories, and more.

One of the plant's standout features is the patented liquid core technology employed in its casters, incorporating dynamic soft reduction to enhance productivity and ensure superior surface and internal quality of the slabs.

The rolling mill embraces cutting-edge technologies, including a fine-shape control system with Heavy Automatic Gauge Control (HAGC), heavy WR bending, Danieli's Optimized Shaped Roll (OSR), and intensive cooling for thermomechanical rolling. The design also allows for potential future expansion with the installation of an additional (fifth) stand in the finishing mill.

Impressively, the QSP plant achieved successful startup, producing high-quality coils immediately after the first slab became available on August 24, 2023.

Commissioning milestones were reached with the thin-slab casting line #1 completing 19 heats in 24 hours on October 17, followed by line #2 achieving the same feat on November 18. The success continued with 72 hours of continuous operation for each line in December.

The plant's commissioning phase witnessed the production of over 10,000 hot-rolled coils within the initial four months, and operations are ongoing with three shifts in action.

The remarkable quality of the hot-rolled coils has garnered attention and appreciation from major industries, showcasing the success of NMDC and Danieli in pioneering advanced steel production.


The successful launch of Danieli's Quality Strip Plant at NMDC is a testament to technological prowess and collaboration. Achieving significant production milestones within a short span reflects the plant's efficiency and Danieli's commitment to advancing steel manufacturing in India. As the plant continues its operations, it sets a benchmark for quality and innovation in the country's steel industry.

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