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Indian Crude Steel Production Surges in August


In August, Indian crude steel production witnessed a remarkable 13% year-on-year increase, reaching 11.443 million metric tons. The period from April to August 2023 also displayed robust steel production, with a 12% rise globally. August witnessed significant developments in the gIndian finished steel sector, with a 10% year-on-year increase in production, totaling 10.938 million metric tons. Consumption surged by 17%, reaching 11.224 million metric tons, highlighting robust demand. Exports and imports saw moderate changes, with a 6% increase and a substantial 20% rise, respectively.


August proved to be a robust month for global crude steel production, with a remarkable 13% year-on-year increase, reaching a total of 11.443 million metric tons. This surge reflects the resilience and growth of the steel industry, driven by various factors across the world.

Among the key players, Tata Steel reported a slight dip of 2% in its production, a deviation from the overall trend. However, the collective efforts of AM/NS, JSW, and JSPL contributed to an 8% increase in their combined production, reflecting the positive industry momentum.

RINL, on the other hand, marked substantial growth with a remarkable 40% increase in its crude steel production. This noteworthy expansion underlines the dynamic nature of the steel sector, with certain players capitalizing on emerging opportunities.

Contributing significantly to the overall surge, other steel producers recorded a robust 22% increase in their production. This diverse group of producers demonstrates the widespread growth across the industry.

Zooming out to the broader context, the period from April to August 2023 showcased strong global steel production, with a notable 12% rise. This sustained growth reaffirms the steel industry's crucial role in various sectors and its resilience in the face of evolving market dynamics.

Finished Steel Production: The production of finished steel reached 10.938 million metric tons in August, marking a significant 10% year-on-year increase. This surge is indicative of the industry's resilience and its ability to respond to evolving market demands. Producers worldwide have been actively contributing to meet the growing need for finished steel.

Consumption: Concurrently, the consumption of finished steel saw a robust 17% year-on-year increase, reaching a total of 11.224 million metric tons. This surge in consumption reflects the strong demand for steel in various sectors, including construction, manufacturing, and infrastructure development. It underscores the vital role that finished steel plays in the global economy.

Exports: In terms of trade, finished steel exports recorded a moderate 6% increase in August. This indicates that while domestic demand is substantial, producers are still actively participating in international markets, capitalizing on opportunities to export their products.

Imports: Conversely, finished steel imports witnessed a substantial 20% year-on-year increase. This suggests that certain regions are supplementing their domestic production with imported steel to meet their requirements. Import trends can be influenced by factors such as price competitiveness and specific steel grades.

April to August Overview: Looking at the broader picture, the period from April to August 2023 also showcased significant dynamics in the global finished steel sector. Production during this timeframe experienced a notable 12% year-on-year increase, reaching 54.483 million metric tons. This consistent growth demonstrates the industry's ability to adapt to changing circumstances and market demands.

Consumption remained strong during this period, with a 13% year-on-year increase, totaling 52.361 million metric tons. This sustained demand for finished steel highlights its importance across various sectors and applications.

Exports displayed a more stable trend during this period, with a 1% increase. Meanwhile, imports surged by 22%, indicating fluctuations in regional supply and demand dynamics.


The substantial surge in crude steel production during August 2023, with a remarkable 13% year-on-year increase, highlights the resilience and growth of the Indian steel industry. While some players experienced minor fluctuations, the overall trend remains positive, with the collective efforts of steel producers contributing to this surge. This robust production trend from April to August further emphasizes the integral role of steel in various sectors and its enduring demand in the global economy.

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