Ingenious Endeavors: MMK's Import-Substitution Triumphs

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MMK Group's subsidiary, Mekhanoremontny Kompleks, strides ahead with two pivotal projects targeting import substitution in mechanical engineering across Russia and the CIS. Backed by the Industrial Development Fund, these endeavors encompass cutting-edge foundry and forging facilities, as well as a workshop for heavy mining and metallurgical equipment. With investments exceeding RUB 19 billion, these initiatives aim to create jobs, reduce reliance on imports, and elevate local production capabilities.


In a resolute pursuit of import substitution, Mekhanoremontny Kompleks LLC (MRK), a stalwart entity under the MMK Group umbrella, unfolds a strategic narrative with two transformative projects. These initiatives, under MRK's comprehensive development program, set the stage for a robust future in the Russian and CIS mechanical engineering landscape.

The first cornerstone of MRK's ambitious vision is the establishment of a state-of-the-art foundry and forging shop. This facility, slated to receive over RUB 14 billion in investments, emerges as a full-cycle production powerhouse. Engineered to craft forged work rolls for cold-rolling mills and support rolls for both cold- and hot-rolling mills, the shop's scope extends to producing oversized forgings with an ingot weight of up to 120 metric tons. The project not only foresees technological advancement but also job creation, with more than 770 positions set to materialize.

JSC Prokatmontazh takes the helm as the general contractor for the foundry and forging shop's construction, ensuring meticulous execution. The Bardin Central Research Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy (TsNIIchermet) contributes to this engineering marvel by overseeing the design documentation and cost estimates. As construction progresses, the facility aims to fulfill the plant's requirements for forged work rolls and support rolls significantly, simultaneously catering to the broader Russian iron and steel industry. The expected reduction in the share of imported forged rolls to 30% signals a transformative shift.

Simultaneously, MRK unfolds another chapter of innovation with a workshop dedicated to manufacturing mechanical engineering products. This state-of-the-art facility, supported by an investment exceeding RUB 5 billion, becomes a hub for heavy equipment catering to the mining, metallurgical, and machine-building industries. From continuous casting machines to massive slag cars and various industrial components, the workshop envisages a production capacity of about 12 thousand metric tons annually. With over 450 jobs in the pipeline, this endeavor signifies not just a manufacturing facility but a vital economic contributor.

Construction for the mechanical engineering workshop commenced in 2023, reflecting the earnest commitment to timelines and objectives. The comprehensive scope includes preparatory and earthmoving works, foundation pouring, and the fabrication of steel structures for building frames. Simultaneously, old buildings within the construction zone are dismantled and removed, aligning with the vision of a futuristic and efficient workspace. The workshop anticipates unveiling its capabilities in the third quarter of 2025.

These projects unfold against the backdrop of MRK's dedication to import substitution and technological excellence. The reduction of dependence on imported products, coupled with job creation and technological advancements, positions MMK Group as a trailblazer in reshaping the mechanical engineering landscape of the region.


In conclusion, MMK Group's relentless pursuit of import substitution in mechanical engineering through its subsidiary, MRK, paints a picture of innovation, investment, and economic vitality. The two transformative projects, a foundry and forging shop and a workshop for mechanical engineering products, signify a strategic shift towards self-sufficiency and technological prowess.

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