Innovative Pact: ArcelorMittal-Fiemg's Decarbonization Center

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ArcelorMittal and Fiemg's partnership heralds the creation of the CIT/SENAI Center for Industrial Decarbonization in Minas Gerais. This collaborative initiative, backed by a substantial investment, focuses on R&D in sustainable technologies like green hydrogen and CO₂ capture, aligning with ArcelorMittal's commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.


ArcelorMittal, Belgo Arames, and Fiemg joined forces to inaugurate the CIT/SENAI Center for Industrial Decarbonization in Minas Gerais, signaling a concerted effort towards sustainable innovation. The initial investment of $34 million will bolster the center's laboratory infrastructure, fostering the development of groundbreaking decarbonization technologies. The unveiling occurred at the Industry Immersion event, attended by key ArcelorMittal and Fiemg figures, including Jefferson De Paula, ArcelorMittal Brazil's President.

Primarily an R&D hub, the CIT/SENAI Center aims to educate professionals in the realm of industrial decarbonization. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, it's poised to collaborate on sustainable biofuels, green hydrogen utilization, CO₂ capture, and novel steel production methods.

Jefferson De Paula highlighted the significance of this collaboration, underlining ArcelorMittal's dedication to carbon neutrality. The center is poised to drive pivotal technological advancements, ensuring the sustainability of their operations.

ArcelorMittal's global commitment to decarbonization is evident in its pledge to become carbon neutral by 2050, striving for a 25% reduction in emissions by 2030. The company plans to evolve its processes and implement disruptive technologies to achieve this ambitious goal. Exploring avenues like ethanol production from CO₂-containing process gases exemplifies their innovative approach.

In Brazil, ArcelorMittal's strategies encompass optimizing metal matrix usage, transitioning partially from coal to natural gas, maximizing renewable charcoal utilization, and continually improving energy efficiency in steel production.

Fiemg's Industry Immersion, a platform fostering connections and knowledge exchange, hosted insightful sessions featuring ArcelorMittal leaders discussing the industry's future and employee well-being. Tatiana Nolasco and Sofia Trombetta shared perspectives on industry branding and employee energy management, reflecting ArcelorMittal's holistic approach.

Rodrigo Carazolli's participation shed light on ESG and innovation's pivotal role in enhancing company competitiveness, aligning with ArcelorMittal's commitment to sustainable progress.


The strategic partnership between ArcelorMittal and Fiemg for the CIT/SENAI Center illustrates a resolute commitment to sustainable progress and technological innovation. With a focus on cutting-edge R&D, this initiative aligns with ArcelorMittal's global goal of carbon neutrality, marking a significant step towards a greener future.

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