Innovative Robotic Welding: The Ya Bridge Marvel

Nestled in Norway, the Ya River Bridge sets a precedent in innovative bridge construction with pioneering robotic laser welding technology.
Ya River Bridge
Ya River BridgeImage Source: SSAB


Nestled in Norway, the Ya River Bridge sets a precedent in innovative bridge construction with pioneering robotic laser welding technology. This 48-meter-long bridge, crafted using SSAB Weathering ML steel, boasts durability, longevity, and a remarkable 100-year service life.



Nestled amidst Norway's scenic landscape, the Ya River Bridge, situated along Highway 3 in Tynset, emerges as a groundbreaking marvel in bridge construction. It marks a historic achievement as the world's maiden automotive bridge erected using automated robotic laser welding technology. Spanning 48 meters in length, 9.6 meters in width, and ascending 1.6 meters high, this bridge stands as a testament to modern engineering excellence.

The selection of SSAB Weathering ML steel by Statens vegvesen, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, derives from its outstanding impact toughness, particularly in colder temperatures. This steel's lower carbon content enhances its weldability, ideal for laser welding. Moreover, the choice of weathering steel aligns with the project's location factors such as low humidity, absence of de-icing salts, and the bridge's position over the Ya River, ensuring advanced corrosion protection without the need for painting.

A trailblazing endeavor, the Ya Bridge employed fully automated laser welding robots, augmented by digital twins and 3D modeling. This revolutionary approach accelerated bridge construction, enhancing cost-efficiency, and ecological friendliness compared to conventional methods. This innovative welding technique not only ensures robust connections but also holds promise for thinner steel sections with improved fatigue properties in the future.

Cato Dorum from Statens vegvesen highlighted the selection of SSAB Weathering ML steel for its exceptional attributes in colder temperatures, its cost-effectiveness over the bridge's lifespan, and its minimal environmental impact, aligning seamlessly with the project's ecological sensitivities.

The inherent maintenance simplicity of weathering steel played a pivotal role in the decision-making process, ensuring longer-lasting and more efficient bridge upkeep. The steel's natural properties extend a bridge's life span with minimal maintenance, slashing maintenance costs significantly.

SSAB Weathering steel, known for its cost-effective corrosion-resistant solutions for demanding projects like bridges, significantly reduces maintenance expenses through corrosion resistance and the elimination of painting. The steel's unpainted surface develops a protective layer over time, reducing corrosion and eliminating the emissions associated with painting, thereby contributing to environmental sustainability.

The use of SSAB Weathering in grade 355 (S355J5W+M) facilitated a more efficient and environmentally friendly bridge construction process, empowering seamless welding without preheating, conserving valuable energy resources, and ensuring exceptional impact resistance under extreme temperatures. The successful application of this steel in real-world scenarios underscores its reliability and strength.

The Ya Bridge's construction by Prodtex exemplifies high quality, reduced energy consumption, and enhanced manufacturing efficiency. Utilizing SSAB's prefabricated plates revolutionized the process, enabling faster production, minimizing waste, and reducing logistical costs. This innovative approach not only improved construction efficiency but also reduced environmental impacts, highlighting a promising, eco-friendly alternative applicable not only to bridges but to various steel structures.


The Ya Bridge, a testament to pioneering construction methodologies and SSAB Weathering ML steel's resilience, embodies the future of sustainable, efficient bridge construction. Its innovative use of automated robotic welding, coupled with durable, eco-friendly steel, sets a remarkable precedent for bridge engineering and environmental responsibility.

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