Innovative Roughing Stand at Aperam Alloys

AperamImage Source: POMINI


A new roughing stand by POMINI Long Rolling Mills is set for industrial commissioning at Aperam Alloys in France. This cutting-edge 2-hi roughing stand aims to bolster mill productivity, decrease operational expenses, enhance metallurgy, and fortify product quality while ensuring operational safety. The investment anticipates optimizing wire rod line production, elevating internal metallurgical properties, and refining surface quality.


POMINI Long Rolling Mills, renowned for its innovation, has engineered and constructed an advanced roughing stand destined for operational integration at Aperam Alloys in Imphy, France. This 2-hi housing-type roughing stand, equipped with a reversing sliding configuration, seamlessly integrates into the existing wire rod line, poised for the industrial commissioning phase. The strategic investment encompasses multifaceted goals, including augmenting mill productivity, curbing operational expenses, refining product metallurgy, and enhancing operational safety standards.

Functionally, the newly installed roughing stand initiates the creation of an intermediate section, essential for subsequent processing within the continuous train. This processed section is then conveyed to a newly integrated Red Ring stand, aligning with the wire rod line's roll pass schedule, optimizing the overall manufacturing process.

Integral to the project's successful implementation are ancillary components like the crop and emergency hot shear, essential for the stock bar transitioning from the roughing stand to the Red Ring stand. Additionally, a feeding pinch-roll aids in the seamless transition of stock bars between these critical stands. The comprehensive project scope encompasses electrical and automation systems, workshop equipment, erection services, and requisite materials.

Aperam Alloys, a key player in stainless, electrical, and specialty steel sectors, operates across 40 countries. Structured into three primary segments, the company focuses on Stainless & Electrical Steel, Services & Solutions, and Alloys & Specialties. Boasting a flat Stainless and Electrical steel capacity of 2.5 million metric tons across Brazil and Europe, Aperam leads in high-value specialty products. The Imphy plant, with over a century of expertise, specializes in nickel, cobalt alloys, and specific stainless steels, aligning with Aperam's dedication to quality and innovation.


The pioneering roughing stand by POMINI Long Rolling Mills at Aperam Alloys signifies a pivotal leap in enhancing steel manufacturing efficiency, product quality, and operational safety. Aperam's commitment to innovation and excellence, coupled with POMINI's groundbreaking technology, sets a new benchmark in the steel industry.

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