Innovative Union: KOCKS and LAP Forge Ahead

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KOCKS Measure + Inspect GmbH & Co. KG and LAP Measurement Technology GmbH have united to develop and market the cutting-edge "4D EAGLE S" laser-based measuring system. This hybrid device ensures precise measurement, defect classification, and surface inspection for bar steel producers, promising enhanced process efficiency.


KOCKS Measure + Inspect GmbH & Co. KG and LAP Measurement Technology GmbH have unveiled an ambitious collaboration to introduce the "4D EAGLE S," a pioneering laser-based measuring system designed to revolutionize bar steel production. This strategic alliance aims to develop and promote advanced technology that combines precise profiling and defect inspection for enhanced efficiency.

The "4D EAGLE S" integrates sophisticated laser technology to detect and classify rolling defects with exceptional accuracy. Simultaneously, it meticulously measures the complete contour of long products. Users can leverage state-of-the-art software tools to conduct in-depth analyses of the gathered surface and profile data. Fabian Beck, LAP Measurement Technology's Director Global Sales, emphasizes the substantial benefits for rolling mill teams, offering improved transparency and sustainable optimization opportunities for both processes and product quality.

This collaboration harnesses the extensive expertise of both entities. LAP boasts a long-standing leadership in laser measurement systems within the steel industry, while KOCKS specializes in 3-roll technology for precise special bar quality production. Dr.-Ing. Santino Keusemann, General Manager of KOCKS Measure + Inspect GmbH & Co KG, underscores the synergy between their competencies, affirming that the "4D EAGLE S" comprehensively addresses modern rolling mills' stringent requirements, setting a new benchmark in existing solutions. Notably, two initial systems have already been successfully deployed at a prominent German steel producer, even before the official market launch.


The strategic alliance between KOCKS Measure + Inspect GmbH & Co. KG and LAP Measurement Technology GmbH heralds a groundbreaking era with the unveiling of the "4D EAGLE S" laser-based measuring system. This innovative collaboration promises enhanced accuracy, defect identification, and surface inspection capabilities, marking a significant stride toward improved efficiency and quality in bar steel production.

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