Iran Unveils Seamless Pipe Factory

ZanzanImage Source: IRNA


Iran inaugurates its most extensive seamless steel pipe factory in Abhar County, Zanjan province, witnessing the opening attended by Minister Abbas Aliabadi. Spanning 20 hectares in Hidaj, the factory, deemed the country's most advanced, generates 1,000 direct and 3,000 indirect jobs, marking a significant industrial milestone, reports Kazkistan Inform.


Iran celebrated the inauguration of its most extensive seamless steel pipe factory in Abhar County, Zanjan province. The significant event welcomed Minister Abbas Aliabadi from the Industry, Mine, and Trade sector. Positioned across a sprawling 20-hectare expanse in Hidaj within the Central District of Abhar County, this factory marks a monumental leap in Iran's industrial landscape.

The factory stands as the most advanced and sizable manufacturing unit for seamless steel pipes within the nation. One of its significant contributions includes the generation of 1,000 direct employment opportunities, further fostering economic development. Additionally, the factory indirectly supports approximately 3,000 jobs, amplifying its socio-economic impact.

Highlighted by a provincial official, this inauguration stands as a pivotal moment in Iran's industrial growth, positioning the nation at the forefront of modern and extensive steel manufacturing capabilities. The province of Zanjan, serving as the primary location for this grand venture, marks the initial stop of the president and administration's second round of provincial visits.

This inauguration not only reflects Iran's commitment to industrial expansion but also underlines its emphasis on job creation and economic stimulation through large-scale manufacturing.


The unveiling of Iran's largest seamless steel pipe factory in Abhar County, Zanjan province, heralds a new era in the nation's industrial prowess. With significant job creation and a robust economic impact, this grand venture exemplifies Iran's commitment to industrial advancement and economic growth.

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