Iron Ore: Baowu and Winning Seal Simandou Venture

Winning Consortium Simandou
Winning Consortium SimandouImage Source: Baowu


Baowu Resources and Winning Consortium Simandou have recently signed a series of key agreements for a mining joint venture in the Simandou northern block project. This collaboration aims to lay the groundwork for integrated and collaborative development in mining, railways, and ports.


On October 7, Baowu Resources and Winning Consortium Simandou took a significant step forward in their collaboration by signing a confirmation letter for a shareholders agreement. This sets the stage for their mining joint venture in the Simandou northern block project.

Before this major milestone, the two companies signed an investment cooperation agreement in September 2022. This initial agreement established the partnership platform for both parties to jointly venture into the Simandou project.

In the time since the first agreement, Baowu and Winning Consortium have moved swiftly to further their collaboration. They have signed additional agreements relating to mining and infrastructure, which are vital components of the Simandou northern block project.

Apart from the mining and infrastructure agreements, the companies have encouraged their partners to finalize other important documents. These include the "Joint Development Agreement," "CTG Shareholders Agreement," and the "Simfer/Winning Consortium Simandou Railway and Port Investment Agreement."

These agreements are crucial as they form the bedrock for the integrated development of mines, railways, and ports within the Simandou project. They also illustrate the comprehensive planning that both companies have invested in the venture.

Both companies have demonstrated a commitment to working closely and collaboratively. Their transparent and effective communication has enabled the swift signing of these critical agreements, thereby accelerating the overall project timeline.

The Simandou project is not just a commercial venture; it also has strategic significance. It could be a game-changer in the world of mining, railways, and port logistics, offering numerous opportunities for economic growth and development.


The recent series of signed agreements between Baowu Resources and Winning Consortium Simandou marks a key step in their collaboration. These documents not only formalize their partnership but also pave the way for a cohesive and integrated approach to the Simandou northern block project. The joint venture is positioned for both commercial and strategic success, promising a brighter future for all stakeholders involved.

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