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The Indian government has dismissed NMDC Limited's proposal to export iron ore to China, emphasizing a commitment to prioritize the domestic steelmaking sector. China, a major importer, receives approximately 80% of India's iron ore exports. NMDC Limited, despite the rejection, maintains long-term supply agreements with Japan and South Korea, showcasing diplomatic trade partnerships.


In a recent development, the Indian government has declined a proposal put forth by state-run miner NMDC Limited, seeking approval to export iron ore to China. Government sources disclosed that the decision stems from a strategic focus on ensuring an ample domestic supply of this vital raw material for steel production.

China stands as a significant player, accounting for approximately 80% of all iron ore exports originating from India. The rejection of NMDC Limited's export proposal underscores the government's dedication to sustaining and fortifying the domestic steelmaking sector by securing a reliable supply of iron ore.

While facing a setback in its plans for the Chinese market, NMDC Limited remains engaged in exporting iron ore to Japan and South Korea. These exports are facilitated through long-term supply agreements established on a government-to-government bilateral basis. The continuation of these agreements reflects a diplomatic and trade balance in the international arena.

India's decision to prioritize domestic steelmaking needs over exporting iron ore to China aligns with its commitment to fostering a robust and self-sufficient industrial ecosystem. By maintaining control over the supply of critical raw materials, the government aims to fortify the foundation of its steel industry and promote economic resilience.


The rejection of NMDC Limited's proposal to export iron ore to China by the Indian government signals a clear commitment to prioritize the needs of the domestic steelmaking sector. With China representing a substantial portion of India's iron ore export market, the decision underscores the strategic importance of securing a reliable supply of this critical raw material for the nation's steel industry. Despite this setback, NMDC Limited maintains diplomatic trade ties, continuing to export iron ore to Japan and South Korea under long-term supply agreements. The government's stance reflects a dedication to fostering a self-sufficient and resilient industrial ecosystem by managing the supply of essential raw materials.

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