Jai Balaji's Resurgence: ₹1000 Crore Reinvention in Durgapur

Jai Balaji Industries
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Jai Balaji Industries, Kolkata's steelmaker in recovery, is injecting ₹1000 crore into its Durgapur plant after a decade. The investment, solely from internal accruals, targets value-added products like ductile iron pipes and ferroalloys. CMD Aditya Jajodia aims for net debt-free status in 18 months, emphasizing a shift to 80% value-added products, enhancing margins.


Jai Balaji Industries, a Kolkata-based steel manufacturer undergoing a recovery phase, is poised for a transformative resurgence with a substantial ₹1000 crore investment in its Durgapur plant after a decade of dormancy. CMD Aditya Jajodia disclosed that this significant investment, entirely sourced from internal accruals, will unfold over the next 15-18 months, signaling the company's commitment to revitalizing its operations.

The strategic allocation of funds revolves around augmenting the manufacturing capacity of high-value products, particularly ductile iron pipes and special-grade ferroalloys at the Durgapur facility. Simultaneously, efforts to bolster metallic capacity include the debottlenecking and technological upgradation of the pig iron plant, alongside the establishment of additional sintering capacity for backward integration.

Jajodia highlighted that a portion of the investment, ₹350 crore, has already been injected, and the remainder will be deployed over the next 18 months. Notably, this substantial reinvention aligns with the company's vision to transition towards a portfolio where 80% comprises value-added products, a marked departure from the historical composition.

Two years ago, value-added products constituted only 30-35% of the company's portfolio, a figure that has now surged to 55%. This strategic pivot reflects a deliberate effort to enhance profit margins and adapt to evolving market demands. The CMD envisions a trajectory where the lion's share of the product mix comprises high-margin, value-added offerings.

The financial performance during the current quarter underscores the positive trajectory, with an EBITDA of ₹246.8 crores and a PAT of ₹234.6 crores, signaling a promising phase in Jai Balaji's recovery journey.


Jai Balaji Industries, amidst a recovery phase, is embarking on a ₹1000 crore reinvention in its Durgapur plant. CMD Aditya Jajodia, emphasizing internal accruals, envisions the transformation as a strategic shift towards high-value products, aiming for 80% of the portfolio. With a focus on ductile iron pipes and ferroalloys, the company targets becoming net debt-free in 18 months, demonstrating a commitment to resilient growth and enhanced profitability.

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