Japan: Green Fund Bolsters Steel Decarbonization

Green Innovation Fund
Green Innovation FundImage Source: SteelGuru


The Green Innovation Fund has significantly ramped up its financial backing for the steel industry, recognizing its pivotal role in advancing decarbonization efforts. This augmented funding will expedite the development of innovative technologies aimed at reducing carbon emissions in steel production.


Decarbonization has become a buzzword in recent years, emphasizing the critical need to mitigate carbon emissions and drive sustainable industrial practices. With this perspective in mind, the steel industry has come into sharp focus. Recognizing its monumental role in achieving this environmental milestone, the Green Innovation Fund has substantially increased its allocation to steel companies.

To give a numerical insight, the fund has earmarked $426.9 billion for the incorporation of hydrogen in the steelmaking process, reflecting a notable rise from its initial allocation of $193.5 billion. This substantial financial injection is expected to fuel the industry's ongoing endeavors, especially breakthrough technology development projects that can significantly diminish its carbon footprint.

The company, empowered by this enhanced backing from the Green Innovation Fund, is rigorously working on several fronts. One key project involves the development of hydrogen reduction technology, leveraging onsite hydrogen, with an investment of $14.0 billion. Another significant initiative is the crafting of low-carbon technology that employs hydrogen from external sources, combined with the CO₂ found in BF gas. This particular venture has received a funding allocation of $121.4 billion. Moreover, the direct hydrogen reduction technology, focusing on the complete utilization of hydrogen in the direct reduction process, is being propelled with an investment of $34.5 billion.

Furthermore, the company is intensifying its research on impurity removal technology tailored for EAFs (Electric Arc Furnaces) that utilize direct reduced iron. This initiative, dedicated to the production of high-grade steel in expansive EAFs, has been allocated $23.6 billion.

The collective ambition and collaborative spirit of the industry were further highlighted on July 15th, 2022. The Green Innovation Fund Project, co-proposed by industry giants like Nippon Steel, JFE Steel, Kobe Steel, and JRCM, was officially accepted. These collaborative ventures underline the industry's commitment and the government's support to achieve the lofty goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.


The Green Innovation Fund's increased allocation to the steel sector underscores the collective resolve to embrace sustainable practices. This financial boost, combined with the industry's innovative endeavors, promises a brighter, greener future for steel production.

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