JFE Group’s 2024 Vision Unveiled

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JFE Group's CEO extends New Year's condolences for the Noto Peninsula earthquake, emphasizing safety and collective responsibility. Reflecting on 2023, amidst global economic challenges, the company anticipates profit growth through quality over quantity, targeting structural reforms, carbon-neutrality, sustainable growth, and digital transformation. The 2024 action plan prioritizes employee empowerment, diversity, and safety for sustainable growth.


The CEO of JFE Group commences by extending heartfelt condolences for the Noto Peninsula earthquake's victims and emphasizes the urgent need for restoration. Emphasizing safety, despite last year's record safety stats, a tragic accident within a group company highlights the crucial necessity of reinforcing safety measures across JFE. Looking back at 2023, global inflation and labor shortages impacted steel demand, but structural reforms and cost-cutting efforts ensured a third consecutive annual profit, a testament to collective dedication.

The outlook for 2024 remains optimistic, focusing on profit despite declining crude steel volumes. The company's transition from quantity to quality, aligned with the Seventh Medium-term Business Plan, aims for robust earnings. JFE aims to harness the potential of post-reform systems to enhance competitiveness, especially in Keihin, the epicenter of structural reforms initiated last September.

The strategic priorities for 2024 are delineated into four key areas. The first focuses on creating a solid earnings base by optimizing post-reform systems, bolstering production capacity, and enhancing sales efficiency. Secondly, a relentless pursuit of carbon-neutrality involves reducing CO₂ emissions, promoting JGreeX™ green-steel products, and deploying innovative technologies, bolstered by collaborations and concrete plans for carbon-neutrality realization.

Furthermore, JFE envisions sustainable growth by investing in strategic product expansions, overseas alliances, and global solutions, fostering long-term growth. Finally, the company emphasizes digital transformation, deploying AI, IoT, and cyber-physical systems, fostering efficient workplaces and digital literacy among employees.


JFE Group's CEO articulates a clear vision for 2024, placing emphasis on safety, structural reforms, and profit amid challenges. The action plan accentuates employee empowerment, diversity, and safety as fundamental to achieving sustainable growth. Safety remains paramount, while priorities encompass quality, carbon-neutrality, sustainable growth, and digital transformation to fortify the company's future.

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