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JFE Steel Corporation has received EcoLeaf certification for three of its steel products, attesting to their environmental sustainability. The certification allows customers to evaluate the environmental impact of these products with data verified by third parties.

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JFE Steel Corporation announced a noteworthy achievement today: three of its steel products have received EcoLeaf certification in Japan. This recognition comes from the Sustainable Management Promotion Organization (SuMPO) and enables customers to measure the environmental impact of these products based on credible third-party verification.

EcoLeaf is a Type III environmental product declaration (EPD) that adheres to the ISO 14025:2006 standard. This standard requires quantitative disclosure of the environmental impact of products from the stage of raw material acquisition to the point of disposal and recycling.

The newly certified steel products include plates for shipbuilding, offshore structures, and wind-turbine support, as well as submerged arc longitudinal welded (SAWL) pipes. These products excel in high strength, weldability, and cost performance, making them ideal for various steel structures.

What sets these JFE Steel products apart is their EcoLeaf certification, which provides a transparent disclosure of environmental impact. This transparency is confirmed through third-party examinations and ensures that the data presented is both fair and reliable.

Customers looking to make environmentally responsible choices now have even more reason to trust JFE Steel. The EcoLeaf certification assures them that they are selecting products with a quantifiable and verifiable lower environmental footprint.

The EcoLeaf certification not only impacts JFE Steel but also sets a precedent for the steel industry at large. It is an incentive for other companies to adhere to environmental standards and pursue certification, fostering a more sustainable industry.

JFE Steel’s commitment to sustainability is evident in this new certification. The company is likely to continue seeking ways to minimize environmental impact while delivering high-quality products.


JFE Steel Corporation's EcoLeaf certification is a big win for both the company and its customers. It provides a credible and transparent way to assess the environmental impact of key steel products, empowering consumers to make informed, sustainable choices.

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