JFE Steel & ZAG: Cementing Environmental Sustainability

JFE Steel inked a long-term deal with Zeynel Advisory Group Americas LLC for granulated blast-furnace slag supply, a vital
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JFE Steel inked a long-term deal with Zeynel Advisory Group Americas LLC for granulated blast-furnace slag supply, a vital cement ingredient. This partnership, spanning over two decades, aims to bolster the value of the slag. Used in blast-furnace slag cement, this material significantly reduces CO2 emissions, catering to the global demand for sustainable cement production.



In a recent announcement, JFE Steel Corporation sealed a significant long-term pact with Zeynel Advisory Group Americas LLC (ZAG), continuing their two-decade relationship by providing granulated blast-furnace slag (GBFS), a crucial component in cement production, from 2024 onwards. This collaboration underscores a shared commitment to enhance the worth of GBFS.

The combination of ordinary cement and GBFS powder yields blast-furnace slag cement, a compound recognized globally for its ability to curtail CO2 emissions by approximately 42% per ton compared to regular cement. Cement manufacturers worldwide are increasingly relying on this special slag as a recycled raw material, especially in regions like Europe, the United States, and Australia, striving for carbon neutrality.

JFE Steel commits to ensure a steady, long-term supply of GBFS primarily for ZAG’s global operations while actively collaborating with other partners to amplify the value of granulated blast-furnace slag in the international market.

Looking ahead, JFE Steel remains dedicated to crafting environmentally friendly products, aiming to curtail CO2 emissions across various sectors, contributing to the realization of a more sustainable world.


The collaboration between JFE Steel and Zeynel Advisory Group Americas LLC (ZAG) stands as a testament to their sustained commitment to supplying granulated blast-furnace slag (GBFS) for sustainable cement production. This long-term partnership, extending over two decades, aligns with the global pursuit of reducing CO2 emissions in cement manufacturing. By fortifying the value of GBFS, these entities not only meet the increasing demand for environmentally conscious raw materials but also contribute to cement's role in achieving carbon neutrality.

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