JGreeX™: Green Steel Revolution in Europe

JFE Steel's JGreeX™ green steel
JFE Steel's JGreeX™ green steelImage Source: JFE Steel


JFE Steel Corporation has revealed that its JGreeX™ green steel will be used in transformers manufactured in Europe. This marks the first European and international order for JGreeX™, which is a low CO₂ emission intensity grain-oriented electrical steel sheet.


In a significant step toward sustainable manufacturing, JFE Steel Corporation has announced a major milestone: its innovative JGreeX™ green steel will be used for the first time in the production of transformers in Europe. Not only is this the first European use of JGreeX™, but it is also the brand's international debut and its inaugural application in electrical steel sheets.

JGreeX™ green steel is a product of JFE Steel's commitment to reducing carbon emissions. The company employs a mass-balance approach, as per the Japan Iron and Steel Federation's guidelines, to assign the environmental benefits of reduced CO₂ emissions from their entire manufacturing process to specific steel products. Consequently, JGreeX™ is categorized as a low CO₂ emission intensity product.

Electrical steel sheets, which are enhanced with additives like silicon and aluminum, are essential for their magnetic properties. They are crucial components in the manufacture of high-efficiency electrical motors and transformers. Specifically, grain-oriented electrical steel is designed for use in the iron cores of power and distribution transformers due to its exceptional magnetic properties in one direction.

The shift towards high-efficiency transformers is driven by the need to lower CO₂ emissions and meet the rising global demand for electricity and renewable energy solutions. Hence, the demand for grain-oriented electrical steel, a vital material in these transformers, is poised to rise.

JFE Steel anticipates fulfilling this growing demand by continuing to produce top-quality grain-oriented electrical steel. Furthermore, the JGreeX™ line is positioned to make a significant contribution to the global decarbonization effort, underscoring JFE Steel's role in pioneering a greener steel industry.


The introduction of JFE Steel's JGreeX™ green steel into the European market represents a notable progression in the field of sustainable material production. This initiative not only symbolizes a significant stride in the company's international outreach but also reinforces the global steel industry's commitment to reducing carbon emissions. The future of energy-efficient manufacturing looks brighter with innovations like JGreeX™, which align with the global impetus for environmental conservation and reduced carbon footprint.

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