JGreeX™: Transforming Steel, Crafting Elegance

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JFE Steel pioneers a sustainable shift as MoNo Factory adopts JGreeX™ green steel for pinback buttons, marking the first foray into consumer products. JGreeX™ not only brings a beautiful metallic luster to tin-plated steel but also champions environmental consciousness by significantly reducing CO₂ emissions in the steelmaking process. MoNo Factory's choice of JGreeX™ aligns with their commitment to creating value and awareness through everyday products, contributing to the global push for carbon neutrality.


In a noteworthy stride towards sustainability, JFE Steel introduces JGreeX™ green steel into the realm of consumer products through an innovative collaboration with MoNo Factory. The announcement, made recently, reveals a groundbreaking shift in the use of green steel, with pinback buttons becoming the canvas for this eco-friendly material.

JGreeX™, known for its prowess in significantly reducing CO₂ emissions in the steelmaking process, finds a new application in the creation of pinback buttons by MoNo Factory. This move not only showcases the versatility of green steel but also underscores its aesthetic appeal when applied to tin-plated steel. The result is a product with a captivating metallic luster, offering not just visual appeal but also boasting excellent corrosion resistance and weldability.

MoNo Factory, recognized for its tin-plated steel processed products, has been a trailblazer in various fields, including food and beverage cans, electrical parts, and artistic cans. The adoption of JGreeX™ for pinback buttons amplifies the commitment to environmentally conscious choices across diverse product lines.

JFE Steel employs the mass balance approach, allocating CO₂ emissions reduction achieved through cutting-edge technologies to specific steel products like JGreeX™. The collaboration with MoNo Factory exemplifies JFE Steel's dedication to decarbonization in various industries. Beyond manufacturing, the company aims to raise awareness about the advantages and value of green steel among consumers, contributing to the broader goal of fostering a carbon-neutral world.

As the global pursuit of carbon neutrality gains momentum, MoNo Factory stands at the forefront, infusing value and awareness through pinback buttons carrying messages that resonate with everyday consumers. The choice of JGreeX™ reflects not just a commitment to environmental sustainability but also an understanding of the crucial role that each product can play in contributing to a greener future.


The collaboration between JFE Steel and MoNo Factory signifies more than just a partnership in production; it's a joint venture towards a sustainable and environmentally conscious future. By integrating JGreeX™ green steel into the creation of pinback buttons, both entities showcase the potential for everyday items to contribute to the global goal of carbon neutrality. This initiative not only transforms steel but also exemplifies the power of consumer choices in driving positive environmental change.

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