Jharkhand: Eco-Conclave Sparks Green Innovation

SwitchON Koru
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SwitchON and Koru Foundation held a stakeholders' meet in Bistupur, focusing on environmental sustainability, renewable energy, waste management, and Green steel. Gathering diverse stakeholders, the workshop aimed at fostering dialogue, identifying eco-solutions, and spurring transformative change. Discussions centered on waste reduction, renewable energy adoption, and eco-friendly steel production, setting the tone for the 'Move for Earth' movement in Jharkhand.


Recently, the SwitchON Foundation, in collaboration with the Koru Foundation, orchestrated a significant stakeholders' meet in Bistupur, centering on pressing environmental concerns and strategies for sustainable solutions. This pivotal event aimed to gather varied stakeholders from academia, industry, government bodies, NGOs, and grassroots organizations to address environmental challenges and inspire proactive action within the 'Move for Earth' initiative in Jharkhand.

The meet witnessed the convergence of approximately 50 representatives from industry, academia, government, and NGOs. The discussions revolved around innovative waste management strategies, emphasizing the crucial need for inventive approaches towards reducing, reusing, and recycling waste materials. Participants engaged in lively exchanges, sharing best practices and brainstorming ways to implement robust waste management systems in line with global sustainability objectives.

Renewable energy emerged as a paramount theme, highlighting the pressing urgency for a transition to clean and sustainable energy sources. Dialogues encompassed the latest advancements in renewable technologies, policy frameworks, and collaborative initiatives, aiming to expedite the adoption of eco-friendly energy practices to combat climate change.

An integral part of the conversation was dedicated to the concept of Green steel, an evolving frontier in sustainable manufacturing practices. Participants delved into innovative technologies and methodologies aimed at minimizing the environmental footprint of steel production. These discussions laid the groundwork for a more sustainable and eco-conscious steel industry.

Vinay Jaju, Co-Founder of SwitchON Foundation, expressed the importance of collaboration among community leaders, industry experts, and innovators to navigate towards practical solutions for waste management and harnessing renewable energy's potential.

Padmashree Jamuna Tudu, an Environmentalist, lauded the proactive steps taken by SwitchON Foundation, emphasizing the significance of their commitment in addressing critical environmental challenges such as climate change and deforestation.


The stakeholders' meet, orchestrated by SwitchON and Koru Foundation, served as a vibrant platform for diverse stakeholders to delve into sustainable practices. From waste management to renewable energy and eco-friendly steel, the discussions aimed at fostering innovation, collaboration, and tangible actions to address pressing environmental challenges in Jharkhand.

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