Jindal SAW's Surging Profits: Global Pipelines Fuel Growth

Jindal SAW
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Jindal SAW, an Indian steel giant, experienced over a twofold growth in Q3 profits, reaching 5.32 billion rupees ($64.1 million), propelled by steady demand in the Middle East and North Africa. With exports constituting over 35% of its order book, the company navigated domestic steel price fluctuations. International clients like Shell and Saudi Aramco contributed to the record-high order book of $1.49 billion.


In a notable financial upswing, Jindal SAW reported a consolidated profit after tax of 5.32 billion rupees ($64.1 million) for the quarter ending December 31, 2023, more than double the figure from the previous year. The surge was attributed to sustained demand in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, coupled with a significant boost in the company's order book.

Jindal SAW, specializing in pipes for energy, transportation, and water sectors, witnessed a commendable rise in its order book for iron and steel pipes, reaching $1.49 billion compared to $1.32 billion a year earlier. The company highlighted the positive impact of higher exports, increased volumes, and stable raw material prices on its improved margins.

Exports played a pivotal role, constituting over 35% of the order book. Analysts noted that this strategic reliance on global markets helped mitigate the impact of fluctuating domestic steel prices, which remained buoyant on the international stage.

The company's UAE-based unit contributed significantly, recording an order book of $135 million. Noteworthy international clients, including Shell, Saudi Aramco, and Schaeffler Group, underscored the global reach of Jindal SAW's operations.

Despite potential challenges arising from geopolitical uncertainties in the MENA and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region, the company expressed optimism about a positive business scenario in the upcoming quarters.

Sales of pipes witnessed a robust 15% jump, complemented by a 19% increase in production. Jindal SAW's revenue from operations marked an impressive nearly 10% surge to 56.56 billion rupees, while concurrently experiencing a 5% reduction in raw material costs.

The stellar financial performance translated into a 2.9% surge in the company's share value, reaching a record high immediately after the results were announced.


Jindal SAW's third-quarter profits soared, exceeding double the previous year's figures, propelled by steadfast demand in the Middle East and North Africa. With a substantial order book growth to $1.49 billion, the company strategically leveraged exports, which accounted for over 35%, mitigating the impact of domestic steel price fluctuations. International clients, including Shell and Saudi Aramco, contributed to this success, reflecting the company's robust global presence. Despite geopolitical uncertainties, Jindal SAW remains optimistic about future business prospects, supported by a surge in pipe sales and production. The company's financial prowess translated into a record-high share value, surging 2.9% after the results were unveiled.

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