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Jingye Group has signed a deal with Erzhong Heavy Equipment for a new 3,800 mm wide and thick plate rolling mill, aiming to boost its annual production capacity by two million metric tons and enhance its product offerings for various high-end industries.


In a move to enhance its steel production capabilities, Hebei Jingye Group, a prominent Chinese steelmaker, has recently signed an agreement with Erzhong Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Sinomach Heavy Equipment Group Co., Ltd. This agreement is for the construction of a new 3,800 mm wide and thick plate rolling mill.

The project is slated to be one of the most advanced of its kind in China, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a full range of installed equipment. This new production line is designed to manufacture an impressive two million metric tons of special wide and thick steel plates annually. Once operational, it will significantly bolster Jingye Group's production capacity and enhance its product range to better serve industries like automobile, shipbuilding, high-end manufacturing, and construction.

This isn't the first collaboration between Jingye Group and Erzhong Heavy Equipment. In 2022, Erzhong Heavy Equipment successfully constructed the first 3,800 mm wide and thick plate rolling mill for Jingye Group. The project, which was completed and handed over in September of this year, has already earned accolades for its quality and timely execution.

The addition of this new rolling mill is expected to further diversify Jingye Group's product offerings, enabling the production of a series of plate and strip products tailored to the demands of their high-end industrial customers. With the automotive and shipbuilding industries, among others, requiring increasingly specialized steel products, Jingye Group's expansion is timely.

The strategic partnership between Jingye Group and Erzhong Heavy Equipment demonstrates the former's commitment to maintaining its competitive edge in the steel industry by investing in technologically advanced production capabilities.


The deal between Jingye Group and Erzhong Heavy Equipment marks a significant advancement in China's steel production industry, reflecting Jingye Group's dedication to improving its product structure to meet the needs of various high-demand sectors. The new wide and thick plate rolling mill is a testament to the company's forward-thinking approach and commitment to quality and efficiency in steel production.

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