Jiyuan's Innovative KOCKS Steel Advancement"

KOCKS Image Source: KOCKS


Henan Jiyuan Iron & Steel Co. elevates its steel production with the installation of the cutting-edge KOCKS RSB® 500++/4 block, enhancing material properties during rolling. This technological advancement marks the company's third collaboration with KOCKS, offering a remote-controlled system for roll gap adjustment and revolutionary software for precise tooling, reinforcing their pioneering role in the steel industry.


Henan Jiyuan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd., a major Chinese steel producer renowned for its special bar quality steel products (SBQ), recently unveiled its latest technological leap in partnership with KOCKS. The installation of the KOCKS RSB® 500++/4 marks a significant upgrade to the big bar mill line, enabling the production of straight bars within a dimension of Ø 50.0 to 160.0 mm onto the cooling bed.

The newly integrated KOCKS block represents a pivotal advancement, leveraging thermomechanical rolling to notably enhance material properties during the rolling process. Notably, this cutting-edge Reducing & Sizing Block introduces remote-controlled roll gap adjustment (RC) and integrates BAMICON Octopus software and hardware, revolutionizing operator assistance and optimizing the entire tooling process in the roll shop.

This revolutionary block, a showcase at this year's METEC, signifies a leap in RSB® design, setting a new industry standard in steel production technology and underlining Jiyuan's commitment to pioneering advancements. With this strategic collaboration, Jiyuan and KOCKS reinforce their positions as innovators driving the evolution of steel manufacturing.


Henan Jiyuan Iron & Steel Co.'s adoption of the KOCKS RSB® 500++/4 signifies a groundbreaking step in steel production technology, showcasing advanced features and reinforcing the company's dedication to pioneering advancements in the industry.

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